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Dec 19, 2022

Your Guide to Perfect Bathroom Lighting

Your bathroom serves as your tiny sanctuary, where you start and finish your day. The right lighting for your bathroom can make the space a great place to relax and unwind. At Mr. Electric, we specialize in bathroom lighting installation, so we know the secrets to perfect bathroom lighting.

Let’s look at some of the bathroom lighting ideas that can have a huge impact on your bathroom design.


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Use Flush Mount Ceiling Light For Ambient Lighting

A flush mount ceiling light is the most popular solution for ambient bathroom lighting, as it casts sufficient light throughout the space without being too intense. Ambient lighting highlights focal points and brings out the architectural design of your bathroom. Flush mount ceiling lights are available in an array of designs that give you the flexibility to have stylish ambient lighting without sacrificing any headspace. It’s also important to install task lighting and accent lighting to highlight focal points in your bathroom.

Use Dimmers

Dimmer switches can be a perfect addition to your bathroom if you’re looking to control the lighting environment and conserve energy. These switches make your bathroom lighting truly customizable. Adding a dimmer to your bathroom lights allows you to brighten or soften your light and create an ambience of your choice. Modern dimmer switches come with remote control mechanisms, making them more convenient for users.

Focus Lighting around the Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors create the illusion of more space, add light to an otherwise dark space, and serve as a decorative piece. To ensure your bathroom mirrors are well lit, mount light fittings such as sconces or vertical fixtures on either side of the mirror at eye level—between 65 and 70 inches from the floor. This also helps to eliminate the shadows cast by overhead lighting. Do not mount recessed ceiling fixtures directly over the mirror, as they tend to cast shadows on the face when you are grooming.

Install a Large Pendant

Gone are the days when bathroom lighting was solely used to illuminate the space sufficiently. Today, lighting fixtures are designed to be an eye-catching light source that gives a bathroom its own character. If you have a large bathroom, you can hang a large pendant against the bathroom wall, illuminate your bathtub, or go directional with a three-way pendant. Big drum pendants and chandeliers can be very versatile tools that make a statement. There is a wide range of large pendants that can blend with your bathroom’s décor.

Call Mr. Electric for Bathroom Lighting Installation and All of Your Lighting Needs

Perhaps you’re looking for a professional electrician to install bathroom lighting in your new home, or maybe it’s time to upgrade your existing bathroom lighting. When you’re in need of bathroom lighting installation services, you can rely on the skilled and experienced electricians at Mr. Electric to get the job done right. Our electricians will walk you through all of your options for bathroom lighting and help you choose the right fixtures for your needs.


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