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Nov 20, 2018

Would Your Home Pass an Electrical Safety Inspection?

An ideal home has lots of appliances and electrical fixtures that must be deployed on daily basis. In order to ensure that these fixtures and appliances are safe and efficient, they must be checked against NEC electrical code which can only be interpreted by certified electricians

Will your home pass electrical safety inspection?

If you feel your home may not pass an electrical safety inspection, please contact Mr. Electric Of Katy, and a certified electrician will be on hand to help you out. You need to be aware also of the common cause of electrical failures in homes, such failures should tell you that your home requires a new electrical inspection especially if you have not had one in a long time. The commonest electrical faults in homes that signifies electrical safety failure are;


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  • Non-functional fire and smoke detectors,
  • Installation of new appliances and fixtures on old wiring systems, 
  • The absence of GFCIs in areas exposed to water, most especially the bathroom, kitchen, and utility rooms.
  • The absence of dedicated outlets for certain appliances,
  • Outdated and incorrectly sized wiring,
  • Installation of pull-chain lights instead of wall switches, 
  • Using old knob and tube wiring systems, and 
  • Overcrowded wires (including wires in direct contact with other wires and insulation). 

There are tons of other electrical safety requirements your home must meet, you need to contact Mr. Electric Of Katy for a thorough inspection to ascertain whether your home meets all these requirements. 

What are the signs that an electrical inspection is in order?

It can be extremely hard to check every electrical component by yourself, the walls and floorboards can be complicated areas you need to inspect thoroughly. Even if you can access all electrical fixtures and appliances for inspection, you are strongly advised to desist from doing it by yourself, instead, contact Mr. Electric Of Katy for help. 

How do you realize that you need an electrical inspection? 

When the last time you requested for inspection has been too long, then you need to schedule a new electrical inspection as soon as possible. You must not wait for 10 years for new electrical inspection these days. 

When the lights are always flickering in your home, you must request for an inspection. Light flickering is a sign of aging wiring. Similarly, when you have breakers tripping all the time, then you need a quality electrical inspection. Breaker trips can be annoying, they should simply tell you that you need an electrical inspection and a repair. 

When you have outlets in your home or office that are not working, especially when you plug something in, then you need some electrical inspection services. faulty electrical outlets might represent some underlying bigger issue.

Mr. Electric Of Katy is your one-stop destination for all electrical issues. Scheduling an inspection can save you lots of money in repairs and can also help protect your property and lives of a family from serious fire disasters that can occur as a result of the aged or faulty wiring system. 


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