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Jun 20, 2024

Why Summer Is Hard On Your Electrical System

Summer brings sunshine, vacations, and carefree days. While it's a season to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, the relentless heat can stress your electrical system, especially if it hasn't been properly maintained.

Here at Mr. Electric, we understand how the seasons of the year can impact your electrical system. Today, we’ll outline the reasons why summer can take a toll on your electrical system.


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The main problem you should watch out for during the summer is overheating. Electrical components like wires and circuit breakers are designed to function within a certain temperature range. Summer's scorching temperatures can push them beyond that limit and increase the risk of malfunctions, damage, and even fires. Here are tips to protect your electrical components from overheating:

  • Ensure proper ventilation and airflow by clearing the area around electrical components.
  • Install fans in enclosed spaces, such as electrical rooms or cabinets.
  • Have a trusted electrical repair service inspect and tighten electrical connections to reduce resistance and prevent heat buildup.

Increased Load

The hot summer weather prompts a number of electrical devices in your home to work harder. These include air conditioners, dehumidifiers, fans, and refrigerators. This increases the electrical demand on your system. If your electrical system doesn’t have the capacity to handle the surge, you might experience issues such as tripped breakers, dimming lights, damaged appliances, and fire risks.

If you’re not sure about your electrician’s system’s capacity, we recommend reaching out to a licensed electrician to assess your current electrical load. The experts will determine whether you need to upgrade your electrical panel, upgrade your wiring, or install additional circuits.

Voltage Fluctuations

Another problem associated with extreme summer heat is voltage fluctuations resulting from increased demand for electricity and thermal stress on equipment. Unstable voltage is not only a serious fire risk, but it can also damage sensitive electronics in your home and shorten the lifespan of your appliances.

The most effective way to protect your property from voltage fluctuations is to install a whole-house surge protector at the main electrical panel. As the name suggests, a surge protector safeguards your electrical equipment from sudden spikes in voltage. Proper wiring and grounding can also go a long way in protecting your property against power surges. Call a trusted electrical repair service to inspect your electrical system and ensure the wiring is up to code and capable of handling the electrical load. Regular electrical inspections allow you to identify and fix potential issues before they cause problems.


Depending on where you live and the weather patterns, high summer humidity can wreak havoc on your electrical components, including wiring and outlets. Apart from causing corrosion and insulation degradation, moisture can cause short circuits and electrical faults when it finds its way into electrical outlets and wiring. The following are some of the preventive measures you can take to prevent this problem:

  • Use dehumidifiers to keep indoor humidity levels within the recommended range.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation in areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, to prevent moisture buildup.
  • Use moisture-resistant electrical components, including wiring, outlets, switches, and junction boxes, in areas prone to high humidity.
  • Insulate electrical wiring and cables with moisture-resistant insulation materials to protect them from moisture damage.
  • Install weatherproof electrical outlets and covers in outdoor or damp locations to prevent water intrusion.
  • Have a qualified electrician conduct routine inspections of electrical systems, including wiring, outlets, and appliances, to detect any signs of damage or deterioration.

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Mr. Electric is a reputable electrical service company with many years of experience providing top-tier services to homeowners and businesses. Our licensed and insured electricians can help you with all of your electrical needs, including electrical panel replacement, circuit breaker installation, electrical wiring, electrical inspections, and many more.


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