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Nov 24, 2020

Why is My Breaker Box on the Outside of My House?

Has your power gone out, and you are trying to find the breaker box in the dark? This issue can be frustrating enough, but it can become an even greater challenge when you are unaware that your electrical panel is located on the outside of your house. At Mr. Electric, we provide high quality commercial and residential electrical services for local clients in the Houston and Katy, Texas area. Are you wondering if your breaker box is on the exterior of your home? Read below for some helpful tips. 

Tips for Locating Your Breaker Box 

If your breaker box is located inside, it is most often found behind a metal door or box on a wall in the basement, garage, kitchen or less frequently used hallway. However, if you have inspected those areas from top to bottom and the electrical panel is nowhere to be found, then it may be outside. The chances of having an outside breaker box increases if your home was recently built. In order to find an outdoor breaker box, look up toward the sky and locate the service head on your home’s roof, where the power line connects your property to the surrounding grid. The service panel should be found directly below the service head on the exterior wall of your home or building. 


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Why Would Your Breaker Box Be Installed on Your Home’s Exterior?

Many people wonder why their breaker box would be located outside. Some may even assume that this would be a dangerous location for their service panel. Outdoor panels should be safeguarded against the dangers of weather exposure, so this should not pose a safety risk if the unit is properly maintained and well cared for. In the past, homes always had the breaker box on the inside of the home, but around 15 years ago, many states and cities began adopting the practice of placing it on an external wall. This alternative placement made it fast and easy for the local fire department or emergency personnel to quickly access the electrical panel during a fire or similarly urgent situation.

Our Certified Electricians Offer 24 Hour Emergency Electrical Services for Local Clients 

If you are struggling with an unexpected internal blackout or a circuit that is always causing problems, then you need to get professional care as soon as possible. While some local electricians in Houston avoid taking service calls on nights and weekends, the team at Mr. Electric proudly offer 24 hour emergency electrical services for local Katy and Houston, Texas area customers. 

Do You Need Professional Help with Your Breaker Box? Call Mr. Electric Today

Are you struggling with an electrical issue? Then there is no reason to put your property at risk. Get the quality care you need right away by calling the experts at Mr. Electric. Our certified, licensed and insured electricians are ready to put their tools and training to work for your Houston or Katy, Texas area home or business. Contact our office for more details or to schedule an appointment with a qualified electrician in Houston, Katy, Atascocita, Tomball, Spring, Rosenberg, Texas or a surrounding metro area community. 



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