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Mar 21, 2019

Why Are Lights Flickering?

A wide range of electrical problems may go unnoticed by home and office owners but you must not allow flickering bulbs to be one of such problems. Most reasons for such issues are simple and can be fixed by Mr. Electric of Houston electricians

Begin with the Bulb

Light Flickering can be a sign of a more serious underlying issue. The problem may occur when the bulb is off the kilter and all you have to do is unscrew and screw back the bulb properly. If you use the fluorescent light that flickers for a few seconds when the light is turned on, then you may have to switch to LEDs that reach full luminance once they are turned on. Sometimes the bulb might be due for replacement. 


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If a dimmer switch is responsible for the issue, then you are probably not using a compatible bulb. Make sure you read instructions on the package before choosing a dimmable bulb.

Troubleshoot your Information

If the problem persists even after troubleshooting your bulb, you should troubleshoot the wall outlet, light fixture, and light switch. If the hard-wired ceiling is responsible for the issue, then check the light switch. Check if the issue occurs when you touch the switch lightly, pay attention to arcing electricity and cracking sounds. Cracking sounds and arcing electricity are signs that your light switch needs repairs. Please contact Mr. Electric Of Katy to fix this problem. 

If you use a plug-in lamp, make sure you run the lamp through another electrical outlet and if this resolves the problem, the faulty lamp must be replaced as soon as possible. If the fixture wiring or lamp is the reason for the problem, you will have to contact a licensed electrician to fix the hardwired fixture alongside the wiring. 

Watch Out for Electrical Surges

Sometimes, electrical surges may be responsible for the flickering of light. This doesn’t have to come from bigger surges from public power lines, even the startup of larger appliances in homes can cause lights to glow brighter temporarily. 

You can begin fixing this issue by adjusting the thermostat and at the same time watch the light while you turn a big appliance such as the Air Conditioner, on. Temporary surges may not be a safety concern but when they become too frequent, they can shorten the life cycle of appliances. 

If the problem does not occur with the start-up of a new appliance, then there might be some uneven voltage levels occurring in your electrical system, Fluctuation of voltages can cause the destruction of certain sensitive appliances and may even trigger fire accidents in homes. It is important that you replace old and worn-out fixtures as soon as you can and make sure you get the help of a certified electrician to investigate power surges and tackle electrical issues before they get out of hand.

Mr. Electric Of Katy has remained at the forefront of supplying homes and offices with quality electricians who can handle all electrical repairs, replacement, and installation in homes and offices. Give us a call today and we will be right there to help!


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