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Mar 15, 2022

Why Antique Homes Need to Be Rewired?

Did you know that 23,900 fires annually are the result of electrical malfunction? Although it can be easily prevented, most people take such a high risk for no obvious reason. This is not just a risk of the whole house burning down, but it is also a potential risk to your health. At Mr. Electric, we have dedicated ourselves to finding a plan that fits your budget and clears all the possible risks for your health and your house. Our services on electrical wiring will allow you to have a peaceful rest of your life without any worries about electrical risks.

Let’s Act Together!

Most antique houses have even a greater chance of having an electrical malfunction. However, despite certain signs, most people ignore it. Avoid the risk! If you notice there is an odd pattern of your electricity, call Mr. Electric and let our professional electricians check your house. If we detect a problem, our skilled electricians will clearly state the issue and fix it. In addition to this, we offer electrical wiring services and give estimates upon request.


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How Will Wiring Help?

Wiring will not only eliminate a hazardous risk to your house and you, but it will also save you a lot of money, electricity, and time. Most old houses have different numbers of amperes and voltages than modern equipped houses. This doesn’t only lead to a waste of electricity, but also reflects the electrical bill. With electrical wiring, our certified electricians can change the service panel, certain circuits, and additional outlets. This will lead our customers to have much better electricity with much less electric bills, and having installed much more safe appliances to the house.

What About the Price?

A lot of people don’t have their electrical wiring due to the high costs. Instead of talking with an expert, they use other materials they hear of from the internet and use it on their house, causing even more damage. Although the prices for electrical wiring may be high, the leading effect of the damage other materials cause outweighs the price of the services.

What More Can We Offer?

Mr. Electric tries every way to find an affordable pricing plan that works for everyone. Unlike other services, we don’t see this as a way to earn money, but as a chance to provide better service. We do our best to leave you with satisfaction and without any worries of such risks for the rest of your life.

All in One!

At Mr. Electric, we value our customers’ concerns as if they are ours. Our professional electricians, modern equipment, and affordable pricing plans allow everyone to be satisfied. Electric wiring has never been easier. There is no reason to not call us now and allow us to save a potential danger. Keep your antique house safe with Mr. Electric and avoid any risks.


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