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Whole House Surge Protection Installation in Crosby, TX

Short circuits and surges are easily the most common electrical issues when it comes to your building’s electrical system. Both can have devastating consequences for your building as well as electronics and appliances. We have talked about short circuits before, but this article is dedicated to surges and surge protection. Specifically, we will focus on the whole house surge protection installation in Crosby, TX. If you have any specific questions or concerns, or if you would like to hire a qualified electrician, then call Mr. Electric and get in touch with a live representative. We are always happy to help.

What Is A Power Surge?

In short, a power surge is exactly as its name implies: a surge in power. This brief spike in electricity can originate from the electric utility company during power grid switching. It can also be caused by a malfunction in a nearby transformer or transmission line. Easily the most severe power surges are a result of a lightning strike. Small surges can happen too, as in the case of high-powered electrical appliances disturbing the steady voltage flow in the electrical circuit.


What’s the Matter?

A spike in energy? That should get the phone charged quicker, right? Not if the wires and the phone itself isn’t ready. In almost all cases, the device is not ready.

The power flowing through the typical wall outlet is 120 volts AC power, but this voltage can fluctuate between 0 and 169 volts. This is all by design because most devices can only handle that much of a current. Anything more can fry the wires as well as the other components in the electronic devices, machines, and appliances.

A lightning bolt can send thousands of volts through your wires, enough to fry circuit boards, burn power strips, and even start an electrical fire. But what are the chances of getting struck by lightning?

Far more common, and perhaps more concerning, are surges caused by downed power lines, sudden changes in electricity usage on the grid, and even high-powered electrical appliances disturbing the electrical current. These minor power fluctuations might cause little damage at a time, and it is this silent damage that is costly. You might not notice it at first, then a year later your television stops working.

How to Protect Your Property?

It is probably safe to say we have established that power surges are extremely costly, but how do you protect your property? There are two layers of protection that we are going to recommend: a whole-house surge protector and a plug-in surge suppressor.

The whole-house surge protector that can be installed by the electricians at Mr. Electric will be hard-wired to your service panel. These can stop tens of thousands of amps, but what if they leak some of that through?

This is where the plug-in surge suppressor comes in. These are like extra insurance for valuable and sensitive electronics, appliances, and devices. High-end products nearly eliminate power fluctuations to prevent slow death of your electronics and devices. Call Mr. Electric to learn about some options. 


Robert was an excellent tech! He knew exactly what he was talking about, and was very professional with the service! The company seemed like a small company, which was great! They had someone come out for a quote the same day, and installed everything the very next day! Very fast and efficient! Would definitely recommend!

Amanda Young

William was excellent, not only did he quickly fix my initial problem but also found two others that could have caused me major issues with my grounding system. After repairing those, he made me aware that my smoke detectors were 3 years expired and needed to be replaced. I decided to replace those myself and he told me exactly what to buy which really helped. He gave me written estimates on everything he was going to work on and even saved me $100 on the grounding by finding a more efficient solution. I really appreciate him doing that for me! I highly recommend this company.

Robert DeLozier

Fernando did my work today and he was great. He was on time and professional. He explained my options and made suggestions for potential future upgrades. I never felt like he was pushy, agressive, or difficult to talk to, and he left the work areas clean. The price given seemed reasonable for the work, and the job was done quickly. Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the service I received.

Arianne Watkins

Mr. Electrical send Mr Robert and his team (also named Robert) and they did a great job, took the time to explain to me the issues, showed me the items that needed repair after the inspection, documented with photos and provided all the options and even advice in additional electrical repairs I was planning (outlet replacement).

Jasive Wilder