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May 08, 2022

Top 10 Electrical Code Violations

Electrical code violations are something that many faces without knowing such things exist. If you leave a job regarding electricity to an electrician, this doesn’t mean that their service is up to code. There are many electric companies out there that specifically violate it because it is easier for them or has other benefits for themselves. During this process, however, you are the one who is being put in a bad situation. Throughout this article, we will look at 10 obvious electrical code violations and how we can help.

Some Electrical Code Violations

Firstly, if the current service or electricians don’t have a permit. Keep an open eye because this is one of the most common code violations. No one is allowed to work in a house without an approved permit. Secondly, an outdoor receptacle must be properly covered. Although this is something that people consider normal, most of these are caused by individuals that are trying to cover the receptacles by themselves or by other inexperienced contractors. Thirdly, there are so many feet of wires in a regular house. If a wire is overcrowded, it can be exposed to everyone and anything which has a potential fire hazard, leading to your catching on fire. Another one includes when recessed lighting is improperly installed, leading to a potential of the insulation catching fire.


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What More?

There are so many electrical code violations that it would take us pages to explain to you what they are. However, here are some more. If there is an outlet near a water source and it is improperly placed, that’s another violation. If you just bought or moved to a new home, the outlets must be tamper-resistant, be sure to check that. If they aren’t then it is another form of an electrical code violation. If you don’t have a neutral wire installed, if you don’t update the old wiring, and not have enough receptacles installed, these are all types of electrical code violations.

Is it Just the Legal Procedure?

The problems above aren’t just something we shouldn’t ignore because of legal procedures, but they should concern you because it risks your health as well. In addition to any fines assessed and potential possession of the house, you may be open to electrical shocks, your house catching fire, and many more. Most of the code violations occur to prevent any potential risk to you.

The Dedicated Mister

Thankfully, Mr. Electric has dedicated itself to helping you avoid any legal procedures and also a potential risk to your health status. With our focus and electricians and inspectors, we can help inspect your house to check even more than what is listed above. If you want to have a safe and reliable service to change or have electrical installments, we encourage you to look at our website and learn more about our services, staff, and dedication! We want to serve you the best at no additional cost. Call us today to get your electrical inspection or obtain general information.


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