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Nov 07, 2019

Smart Home Innovations

Technology makes our lives better, and today, you can control all home devices, including the lights, TV, thermostats, and refrigerator from a single app installed on your smartphone. For your smart home technology installation and options, please contact us at Mr. Electric of Katy.

The Future Smart Homes

The design of smart speakers has changed the way we listen to our favorite music and watch TV, and experts are predicting that smart homes for the future will take even greater steps. In the future, smart speakers will work as a middle man, and you can even make your home furniture becomes smarter and easy to control. Imagine a TV emerging from a compartment just with a voice command and your smart speakers will move your furniture towards the home theater for a cinematic experience. These are just a few smart home innovations you should expect not far from now.


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The Smart Kitchen

Smart homes can also make labor-intensive tasks, especially those in the kitchen, a lot simpler. Smart kitchen for smart homes will offer ovens that will monitor the food as it cooks, with the aid of digital thermometers, and imagine receiving an alert that your bread in the oven is done.

Already, there are smart refrigerators that will send alerts to your smartphone when you are running low on vegetables, milk or any other essential food item. These types of appliances are also smart enough to notify you when a certain food is going bad. There are devices smart enough to give you recipes for your next muffin or cupcakes. There are smart refrigerators that can even help you select ingredients.

Smart Home Innovations Will Help You Sleep Better and Live Longer

With all the smart assistance from your smart home, technology for the future will make you track your sleep habits using the sensors in your mattress to adjust the firmness of the bed. Already, there are smartwatches that can track your sleep but they don’t offer the convenience of smart mattresses and beddings. These new smart devices can detect disturbances in your sleep patterns and you wouldn’t need a loud alarm to wake up in the morning.

You Don’t Have to Wait Long for Your Smart Home

Most of the smart home devices mentioned above are already in the making and some are available or still in the testing phase. Why you await these amazing smart home innovations, why not make your home readily compatible? Many of the smart home devices will require some upgrade to your electrical system before installation, hence you should schedule an electrical system inspection with a certified professional electrician.

At Mr. Electric of Katy, we offer a number of electrical upgrades and new installation or replacement that will make your home ready for a new smart home installation. We may have to install new dedicated circuits, or repair your electrical panel and make sure your electrical system will not be overwhelmed by the installation of the new smart devices. Please contact us at Mr. Electric of Katy today.


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