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May 25, 2020

Smart Home Devices and Your Electricity Bill

Have you dreamed about owning a smart home of your very own? While a fully integrated smart home system is attainable, you can achieve your goal one step at a time. At Mr. Electric, we provide reliable residential and commercial services for local clients including smart device installation in Katy, Texas and surrounding metro Houston area neighborhoods. If you’re considering making the switch to a smart home, here are some of the most cost effective solutions available. 

Smart Blinds - $150

During the hottest months of the year, direct sunlight can have a significant impact on the interior temperature of your home. In Texas, this can put a lot of stress on your HVAC system and drive up your monthly utility bills. Smart blinds can be pre-set to adjust their position based on a specific temperature or daily schedule. 


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Light Fixture Installation

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Any Electrical Repair

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Smart Thermostat - $100

A smart thermostat allows homeowners to adjust the temperature of their home according to their specific needs and schedule. You can maximize savings while the family is away at work and school and prioritize comfort at night and on the weekends. Enjoy detailed analytics as well that can give you incredible insights into your current usage, so you can achieve a higher return on your investment over time. Settings can be controlled remotely via phone or tablet, so your household is always at the perfect temperature, even when you’re at the office or away on vacation. 

Smart Sprinkler Controllers - $95

Summertime can be brutal for lawns and landscape plants. If you want to keep your grass, shrubs and ornamental trees vibrant and healthy without increasing your water bills, then a smart sprinkler is the perfect solution for you. By utilizing advanced setting features and weather data, smart sprinklers can reduce water usage up to 50%

Smart Outlets - $25

Smart outlets work the same way as standard outlets but have high tech features like voice command and remote controls, for ultimate convenience and efficiency. You can schedule what time you want certain outlets to turn on or shut off. If you’re worried about leaving the oven or curling iron on, simply shut off the outlet with your phone or tablet on the go. 

Smart LED Bulbs - $10 

LED lights already use around 70% less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs. However, frugal homeowners can increase their savings even more with smart bulbs. You can turn the bulbs off and on, dim lights and even change colors via remote, smart phone or voice command. 

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Home with Smart Technology? Call Mr. Electric Today

There’s no reason to keep putting your goals on the backburner. If you’re ready to invest in smart technology, then now is the time to make the leap. Call Mr. Electric today and find out how our certified, licensed and insured electricians can help you achieve your dream. We will work one on one to create a customized solution that fits your unique needs, lifestyle and budget. Contact our friendly staff to learn more about our wide variety of commercial and residential services or to schedule an appointment with a dependable electrician in Houston, Texas or a nearby Houston area community. 


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