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Dec 11, 2018

Reasons You Might Want to Install a Generator

With more frequent weather extremities causing power outages, this could be the ideal time to install a power generator in your home. Please contact Mr. Electric Of Katy, if you require a reliable generator in your home.

Reasons why you may need an electric generator

The number one reason why you need an electric generator is that power outages are becoming rampant. Extreme weather conditions such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and windstorms are becoming more rampant. Similarly, natural disasters such as floods, damages caused by animals, aging electrical grids are just a few of the main causes of power outages. 


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You need a generator for the safety and comfort of yourself and family members. An electric generator can keep essential appliances such as the sump pumps, refrigerator, well pumps, lights, and fans to be working constantly so that break-ins as a result of darkness can be avoided. 

Repairs and replacement of home electrical systems can be very expensive. issues such as sump pump problems, spoilage of food in the refrigerator, and burst pipes, can be costly, hence you should consider a generator to supplement your home electrical system in case there is any fault. Please contact Mr. Electric Of Katy for the right size and brand of the power generator for your home. 

Is a generator the right step for your family?

There are some considerations you should make when deciding whether you need a generator or not. 

Is a power generator allowed in your neighborhood or local region? In a region where power restoration can take a while, it is important to get a power generator. Some portable generators can become noisy; hence they may be banned from being used in the neighborhood. If you need a quieter generator in this situation, you can rest assured that Mr. Electric Of Katy is more than capable of getting you one. 

You need to also consider if the source of fuel for the generator may become an issue. Generators rely on alternative fuel energy to run; Gas or diesel may become necessary especially when propane or natural gas-powered generator is not available. 

Getting the right installer for your generator is as important as any other factor. You need a professional installer to install and connect a generator to your home in a professional way. This will help ensure safety against damages to your home and ensure the safety of your entire household. You may want to contact Mr. Electric Of Katy for the right professional installer for a generator. 

The portable or standby generator models

Portable generators are smaller and less expensive. Portable generators will help power the essential appliances in homes. Portable generators can be more hazardous especially when placed close to homes. Stationary generators are bigger than portable standby generators, but they can power all home appliances at once, and they are generally quieter than portable ones. They are mostly powered by propane or natural gas. These generators will prevent interruptions to services because it powers on as soon the public electric system is off. Please do contact Mr. Electric Of Katy for the right standard generator installation for your home. 


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