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Oct 28, 2021

Pros And Cons Of Motion Sensor Lighting

Motion sensor lighting is a great thing to have a team of electricians install because it adds an extra layer of security to your home. This kind of lighting installation creates a form of safety for you and your family, since you know that if it goes off, there is someone or something around your property, and oftentimes, it can scare that person or thing away. Are you looking to add that extra level of protection to your home and you need electricians to provide you with motion sensor lighting installation? Mr. Electric is here to help!

With motion sensor lighting, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that the light is out there protecting your yard. While motion sensor lighting does have a lot of advantages, there are obviously some downsides to it. If you continue reading, you’ll learn what the team of electricians at Mr. Electric considers to be the pros and the cons of motion sensor lighting. Do you want to find out more? If so, keep reading!


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Motion Sensor Lighting

Every single homeowner has different preferences, right? Meaning, they may prefer to use motion sensor lighting to protect their yard or they may prefer video cameras. It’s all about personal preference, but if you are wondering if motion sensor lighting installation is right for you or not, here are the pros and the cons of having motion sensor lighting:

The Pros

The biggest pro to motion sensor lighting is that they require no touch. This means they are great for a home with elders, children, or disabled individuals. If you aren’t able to move around easily in your home, this is a great option for security for you.

In addition, motion sensor lighting aids in conserving energy. Instead of having your light on all night since you have to turn it on and off, the light only goes on when something sets it off. You will save on your electric bill while also protecting your family and your home

Lastly, motion sensor lighting also helps you to feel safer in your home. The light turns on automatically when something is within a certain range, allowing you to know when something is out there.

The Cons

The biggest downfall to motion sensor lighting is that it can disrupt you at night. Since you essentially have no control over when the light goes on and off, it can illuminate your home, specifically your bedroom at night, and constantly wake you up throughout the night.

Additionally, sensor lights may turn off when you want them to stay on. If you and your family like to hang out outside in your beautiful backyard, you may have to constantly get up to turn the light back on.

Lastly, the lights can be sensitive, creating a false alarm. Sometimes the wind can set off your light, making you worry for nothing.

Should I Install Motion Sensor Lighting?

Are you looking to increase security on your property? Are you looking for motion sensor lighting installation? Are you looking for electricians in Fresno, TX who offer motion sensor lighting installation? If so, then you should definitely install motion sensor lighting! Call Mr. Electric today to see how our team of electricians can help you.


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