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Jun 05, 2022

Picking the Right Under Cabinet Lighting for Your Home

If you want to increase your kitchen’s working environment while also adding ambiance, under cabinet lighting is a great method. We all know countertops are frequently used as workstations, especially in smaller kitchens. Therefore, making them as functional as possible is a priority for many people. Well-lit under-cabinet lighting improves your cooking efficiency, adds a touch of class to your kitchen, and even connects to smart-home devices for better control and energy savings. Of course, under cabinet lighting does not have to be limited to the kitchen. It can be used in basements, workshops, laundry rooms, bathrooms, or anywhere else where extra lighting is needed.

Types of light bulbs- LED

LED Lighting- Nowadays, LED lighting is one of the most popular and energy-efficient types of under-cabinet lighting. It’s not as expensive and limited as it used to be so it’s preferred over standard lighting in many areas, including home décor. Of course, compared to other types of lighting, they are still more expensive. However, they are absolutely worth it since they last twice as long as incandescent lamps. They emit less heat (which is amazing when it comes to the kitchen) and can produce millions of colors so homeowners can adjust the appropriate lumen rating. Because of these qualities, they are preferred a lot.


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Compact Fluorescent Lighting

Another option is Compact fluorescent lighting (CFL). For advantages, we can say that they are energy efficient and produces little heat. However, they also come with some drawbacks. These tube lamps create a buzzing sound and produce harsh light which can’t be used with a dimmer. Furthermore, they have a greater initial cost than incandescent bulbs, take longer to warm up, and have limited color temperatures. The actual problem, however, is the mercury it contains. They have a unique working principle because of this so when they are finished, you can’t simply throw them away. They need to be disposed of according to EPA requirements.

Halogen Lighting

Surely, you have heard of halogen bulbs before. Halogen lights have a gas composition inside the bulb that contains halogen vapor. This vapor responds to electricity, so it produces a bright light. One thing you should be careful with Halogen lights is their temperatures. So, you shouldn’t use them in areas that are easily reachable. They are more energy-efficient than fluorescent lamps and traditional lighting. If you are looking for a choice that will provide a decent amount of light at a reasonable price, Halogen lights are great for you.

Xenon Fixtures

Finally, we will talk about Xenon fixtures. Although it’s one of the oldest technologies around, they are still very popular because they have a great color rendering index. They usually produce this clean, white light that makes the kitchen look very aesthetic. However, just like Halogen bulbs, their heat can be extreme so keep the meltable objects away from the light. 

Have More Questions?

Under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen may be both decorative and practical. If you're still unsure about which style of lighting would be best for your kitchen or need a second opinion from professionals, Mr. Electric can assist you. Whether you need advice on this or need lighting installation, our certified electricians are ready to help you anytime. Make an appointment with our professional team today. 


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