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Apr 07, 2019

Is Your Home a “Smart” Home?

Imagine what it would feel like to let in a dog walker, adjust the temperature of your heater and keep an eye on your outdoor space from a desert island halfway across the globe?

That is incredible and the beauty of technological advancement that has helped to enhance the comfort and control we have over gadgets and appliances in our homes.


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Interestingly, it is no more mind-boggling or expensive to make your home ‘smart’ when you work with an electrical installation company that knows their onions like Mr. Electric Of Katy.

We can help to make your home a bit smarter by the installation of wireless door locks, W-Fi enabled home thermostats, smart fire detectors, cameras and much more. Depending on your budget and preference, you now have technological options to manage the heating and cooling appliances in your home as well as other outlets.

Let's help make your home ‘smart.’

There are a plethora of different accessories that will help make your home ‘smart’ but we will start with the selection and installation of virtual voice-controlled assistants like the Amazon Alexa, Google’s Assistant and Apple Siri. Any of those assistants are designed to help turn the lights on, control your thermostat or put on the TV just by speaking simple commands.

Turn the mood in your room with smart lighting

No matter your purpose, there are smart lights that can connect to a Wi-fi even without a bridge. You can conveniently put it on by speaking to your smartphone or a virtual assistant.

We can install and program the lights in your home to conform to your heart's desire by choosing the color that will suit your mood.

Save money by installing a smart thermostat

Install a smart thermostat that could connect via Wi-Fi to be controlled by your virtual assistant or with a smartphone. One good thing about the smart thermostat is that it can determine when to put off the air-conditioning to preserve energy.

Additionally, you can adjust the temperature in your convenience by speaking a voice command without fiddling with your smartphone.

With a personal virtual assistant, you can control the electric water kettles, fans and coffee makers. Plug them into a smart plug and programme your assistance, and control it remotely. It is amazing that you wouldn’t get up from the bed, but some of the things you need will get set.

Improve the security of your home with smart gadgets

It’s incredible to note that security cameras could make your presence be felt in your home while you’re away. You could keep a watch at any part of your property like the driveway, the front porch or the back gate.

With outdoor security cameras, your peace of mind is assured wherever you may be around the world.

What about having a video doorbell that lets you monitor deliveries before opening the door or seeing the activities of the mailman?

There are other amazing things you could do if your home is smart – you can dictate fire or carbon monoxide, vacuum while you’re away and even do the laundry before you get home. There are limitless opportunities with technology, call professional electricians at Mr. Electric Of Katy to take advantage of them.


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