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  Feb 19 2019

Is Running a Generator More Expensive?

Mr. Electric Of Katy has conducted some research on comparing the costs of running a generator to costs of running electricity to your home from the national grid. Calculations on costs of running a generator can be tricky, depending on your home’s needs. You may want to speak to certified electricians at Mr. Electric Of Katy for more explanation on this or schedule a generator installation in your area. 

Is running a generator more expensive?

According to 2018 estimates, the cost of gasoline was $2. 89 with a typical gas-powered generator consuming 0.75 gallons per hour which means running your generator a day will consume $52 in fuel costs. The costs of running gasoline-generator for your home is, therefore, more expensive.

While the 5-kilowatt generator may only power smaller appliances, portable 20-watts generator running on diesel can power the HVAC systems and other larger appliances including the water heaters and well pumps that may consume up to 1.6 gallons of fuel per hour. The costs of running a 20-watt generator mean you may spend up to $122/day. 

For the operation of propane generators, a 20-kilowatt generator can burn up to 3.5 gallons/hour which means you may consume up to 83 gallons in a day to power your home. It also means you may spend up to $200 a day on fuel. 

When it comes to costs of running natural gas to power your generator, especially for the areas that are prone to power outages, an entire house may use a generator may consume up to $3.62 per 1 thousand cubic feet. Based on generator size, the costs of running a natural gas should be between $20-40 range per day. While a 7-kilowatt portable generator may consume up to $0.62/hour, the 15-kilowatt portable generator may consume up to $1.71 per hour.

How much will an equivalent power grid electricity supply cost? 

You probably have an idea of how much the cost of electricity from the national grid costs when you pay your monthly bills. One recent statistic on the average cost of electricity nationwide indicates that the average monthly bill for an average home is $111.67 which means an average of $3.72 per day. 

Which option is better between the National grid and generator? 

It shouldn’t take long for you to figure out the more expensive option between the national grid electricity and the use of a generator. Generally, getting your electricity supply is more convenient, in addition to the lower price. Getting your electricity from the grid is more practical and more environmentally friendly than running a gas-powered generator. 

Though the use of a generator may be costlier than electricity from the national grid you will need a generator in case of a power outage caused by natural disasters. For this reason, your investment in a generator is worth the trouble.  If you are unsure of the type of generator to choose to compliment power from the national grid, please contact us at Mr. Electric Of Katy. 

Mr. Electric Of Katy specializes in all electrical installation, repair, and replacement, in addition to the provision of generator services. 

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