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Oct 05, 2019

Is it Safe to Use a Three-Prong Adapter?

Many of us often become confused about realizing the appliance or device in our hand is using a three-pronged plug which cannot fit into two-slot outlets. This is a very common problem, especially in older homes.

Since 1969 all appliances have been required to rely on three-pronged plugs and if you still live in an older home, you may wonder if it is safe to use a three-prong adapter for older two-plugs. Please contact us at Mr. Electric of Katy to evaluate your electrical plug system for necessary upgrades.


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The Wiring and Amp Service

When deciding whether to go for a three-pronged adapter or not, one of your considerations should be whether the wiring supplying power to the outlet will adequately handle the amps needed to powder the device or appliance. Most old two-slot services come with cloth insulations that are not rated for most devices used today. If you decide to use a high modern amp device with a low amp outlet, then the wire may overheat and that could trigger electric shock or fire accident. For your safety, please contact us at Mr. Electric of Katy for an upgrade.

Do You Know if the Electrical Box is Grounded?

 You need to check whether the electrical box of the two-prong plug is grounded. The center screw located in the older two-slot outlet should be grounded. The newer three-pronged adapters do come with the center screw tab that ensures a contact directly with the grounded center screw. For this reason, the three-prong adapter is only safe if the plug makes contact with the grounded screw. When you use an adapter with an ungrounded electrical outlet, you stand the risk of electrocution from a damaged device or appliance. You can rely on the use of a multimeter to conduct appropriate tests to know if the outlet is grounded or give us a call for help.

Issues Relating to Warranty and Insurance

If you already have a three-pronged adapter or planning to have it, you may want to consider some other obstacles. In most cases, your home insurance coverage may not cover injuries or other accidents caused by plugging devices or appliances into the wrong adapters and outlets. Most warranties may become void when you plug the devices covered into the wrong outlets.

Updating Your Home and Office Electrical System

 Using three-pronged adapters is acceptable in most cases but that does not mean you should take a chance. Please contact a professional electrician to inspect your home electrical system, and perform the necessary upgrades to the electrical circuits, outlets, and other electrical components.

For several years Mr. Electric of Katy has been helping homeowners and business premise owners to update their outdated electrical systems, we can also help you handle the same challenges. We do have technicians who are fully licensed, insured and versatile in handling all electrical problems. Give us a call today at Mr. Electric of Katy and we will be right there to find a lasting solution to all your electrical issues.


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