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Nov 07, 2021

Importance of Whole House Surge Protection

A sudden burst of electricity through your electrical wires can be enough to destroy sensitive electronic equipment and even cause an electrical fire. It is not just lightning strikes that cause electrical surges either. Power surges are a lot more common than you might think. Protect your electronic devices and appliances as well as your electrical system by investing in surge protection. Mr. Electric of Houston is proud to offer whole house surge protection installation in Houston and surrounding areas. Call today to schedule your flexible appointment or request an emergency dispatch.

Causes of Power Surges

A power surge, as the name suggests, is a sudden spike in voltage running through the electrical wiring. These occurrences last for only a few milliseconds but cause serious damage. Though a lightning strike is the most familiar source for electrical surges, there are many other causes of power surges. In fact, lightning surges are one of the least common causes. Surges can be caused by downed power lines or even changes in electricity use at nearby factories. You might be surprised to learn that most power surges originate from within the home. A majority of surges are created when large appliances like air conditioners, furnaces, washers, and dryers turn on and off.


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Risks of Power Surges

Electrical circuits, electrical wires, and electronic devices are all designed to carry and operate at a specified nominal voltage. Meanwhile, a power surge sends an incredible amount of electricity through the electrical system. A lightning bolt, for instance, can send thousands of volts through your electrical system. This can overheat wires, fry electronic devices, and even cause electrical fires. Even miniscule power surges can cause damage over time as the frequent power surges wear away at the electrical wiring and electronic components. The cost of replacing damaged electronics, computers, and appliances can easily run in the thousands of dollars. Of course, there are also the electrical repairs to restore the wiring.

How to Protect Your Property

It is safe to say that power surges can cost thousands of dollars in damages. Worse, they can cause severe electrocutions and electrical fires. The real question is how do you protect your family and your property from this shocking phenomenon?

There are two layers of protection that we advise homeowners invest in: a whole-house surge protection and a plug-in surge suppressor.

A whole-house surge protection is hard-wired to the electrical panel and takes a licensed electrician a couple of hours to install. These units are usually rated to stop tens of thousands of volts. However, a whole-house surge protection is not guaranteed to stop all voltage. Excess voltage may leak by. This is where plug-in surge suppressors come in.

A plug-in surge suppressor add a layer of protection between the electrical circuits or outlets and the appliances. These devices can range from a few dozen dollars to a few hundred, but that is a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of the appliance.

Call Mr. Electric of Houston to consult with a representative and request to have an electrician dispatched as soon as possible. We are happy to schedule your surge protection installation today.


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