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Jun 06, 2024

How to Stop Cats From Chewing on Cords

If you own a cat, then you probably know that those curious creatures love to chew on things around the house. They particularly love to chew on electrical cords due to boredom, dental issues, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and other reasons. However, this is not something you want to encourage. Not only is it dangerous for your cat, but it’s a safety hazard too.

At Mr. Electric, we are committed to maintaining electrical safety in homes, office buildings, and other commercial properties. If you’re looking for a trusted electrical repair service, we are the experts to call. Today, we will explore the effective ways to keep your cat from chewing on wires. But first, let’s highlight how this habit can be harmful for your cat and the household.


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For the Cat:

  • Electrical Shock: Biting into an electrical cord can result in a severe electric shock, which can cause burns, heart arrhythmia, muscle spasms, or even death.
  • Injury: Chewing on cords can lead to injuries in the cat's mouth, such as cuts or burns on the lips, tongue, and gums.
  • Intestinal Blockage: If a cat swallows pieces of the cord or insulation, it can lead to intestinal blockages, which might require surgical intervention.

For the Household:

  • Fire Hazard: Damaged electrical cords can create a fire hazard, especially if they short circuit.
  • Damage to Appliances: Chewed cords can result in malfunctioning appliances, leading to costly repairs or replacements.
  • Electrical Outages: Damaged cords can cause electrical outages or short circuits in the home.
  • Inconvenience: Constantly replacing damaged cords and ensuring that all appliances are safe to use can be both time-consuming and frustrating.

Here’s What You Can Do To Prevent Cats From Chewing On Cords

  • Cover or Conceal the Cord

A cat's natural curiosity can often lead them to trouble, especially with tempting electrical cords. If cords are left exposed and easily accessible, they become prime targets for batting, chewing, and exploration. Covering or concealing cords makes them less tempting for curious cats. This can involve using cord covers, organizers, or furniture with built-in channels for cords. Reach out to a professional electrician to help you cover and conceal your electrical cords.

  • Provide Alternative

Cats have a natural urge to chew. If you don’t provide them with an alternative, they’ll be tempted to chew on electrical cords in your house. Offering them safe and engaging alternatives like catnip toys, chew toys made specifically for cats, or cardboard scratchers can redirect their chewing instincts.

  • Use Deterrents

Cats have developed an aversion to bitter tastes over time. So, products with bitter sprays or unpleasant textures can deter cats from approaching cords. However, it's important to choose cat-safe deterrents and reapply them as needed. You don’t want to apply products that will harm your cats.

  • Train Your Cat to Avoid Cords

Just like dogs, cats are trainable through positive reinforcement. Teach your cat that cords are off-limits through positive reinforcement. Reward them for playing with their designated toys, and gently redirect them if they approach cords.

Call Mr. Electric for Electrical Repair

Mr. Electric is a reputable electrical service company with many years of experience and a solid reputation for providing top-of-the-line services. If you’re looking for licensed and experienced electricians to help you with your electrical needs, we are one phone call away. Perhaps your electrical wiring has been damaged by pets, your electrical outlets have stopped working, or maybe your electrical panel is acting up. Whatever the issue you’re facing, we are ready to fix the problem and ensure your electrical system is in good shape.


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How to Stop Cats From Chewing on Cords

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