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May 29, 2022

How to Save Energy in Commercial Buildings

Doesn’t matter whether you are a manager or a business owner, you know what pain energy costs are and probably looking for ways to save on them. Well, there are many different strategies out there to save energy at work. This isn’t only about saving money; it’s also helping the environment as much as possible in a small way. In this article, we will talk about some of the tips for energy saving.

Fix and Upgrade the Lights

Upgrading your lighting systems in the office is a great and crucial strategy to reduce your energy use. Unfortunately, lighting is a common source of energy waste in enterprises. Energy Star-rated lights consume 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs, according to the EPA. They also have much longer lifespans. Changing and upgrading the lights was proven to be one of the most efficient ways to save energy at work. Here are two things you can do:


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If you notice certain locations aren’t used as frequently in your office or workplace, try to install motion-activated lights in these locations. Some examples can be conference rooms, restrooms, and breakrooms. This way, it doesn’t matter if some coworker of yours forgets to switch off the lights when getting out of a room, lights will automatically turn off when a certain amount of time passes without any motion. Did you know that this could save up to 80% on lighting expenditures?

You can change the lighting in the office or the building to energy-efficient ones. LED lights are great examples of this. If all the lights in your workplace were replaced with LEDs, you could see a 60 percent to 70 percent increase in overall energy efficiency. Depending on what sort of lighting you're replacing and what kind of LED lights you're going to use, the savings can go as high as 90%. Of course, these increases in energy efficiency are directly related to cost savings. When you replace a traditional light source with an LED light source, your energy consumption will drop dramatically. LED lights also have great lifespans and require less maintenance compared to traditional lighting. This makes LED lights a wise investment for any workplace.

HVAC maintenance

It might seem minor now, but regular HVAC maintenance will improve the efficiency of your system and help you avoid costly repairs. HVAC filters get clogged and collect dirt and debris in different parts of the system, which will cause your system to work harder and longer. Of course, this will reflect on your bills. You can avoid this by hiring an HVAC expert who can thoroughly inspect and clean different areas of your system.

Adopt Energy-Saving Thermostat Settings

It’s impossible to make everyone satisfied when it comes to the temperature inside the office. To save energy, make sure your buildings have programmable thermostats installed. This way, you can decide to set the temperature depending on the weather and time of the year. and have management decide on the most energy-efficient settings at different times of the year.

Purchase energy-saving appliances

You may not notice it but the old appliances in your workplace like the refrigerator, water cooler, and vending machines also use power. If you switch to new and energy-efficient models, you can reduce building energy use.

We Can Help!

Do you need more advice on energy saving techniques and looking for alternatives? The reliable electricians in Mr. Electric can help you in finding new techniques and give you opinions for your workplace. It’s always smart to get a professional opinion. If you need any type of commercial electrical service, please contact our representatives to schedule an appointment today!


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