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  Oct 12 2021

How to Know If My 2 Prong Outlet is Up To Code

2 prong outlets are the most commonly used outlets in homes – no matter what year the home was built in. Most homeowners assume that 2 prong outlets are the safest option in their homes, but that is only because they aren’t educated about the dangers 2 prong outlets pose on your home. Are you shocked by his statement? Lucky for you, Mr. Electric is here to explain!

We know you’re probably very confused right now. Most homes are built with 2 prong outlets, so you may be worried about the safety of your home and your family. 2 prong outlets are known for not being up to code since they aren’t grounded. While this sounds scary to you, we are here to help you figure out how to find out if the 2 prong outlets in your home are up to code. Not all 2 prong outlets are bad but making sure to check them and ensure they are up to code is a smart decision for every homeowner out there. Let’s get right into it.

How To Tell If Your 2 Prong Outlet is Up To Code

As stated before, 2 prong outlets are known for not being properly grounded. This statement puts you and your home at risk of power surges and being left with no power more often than you should be.

2 prong outlets contain only 2 wires running from them that lead to your circuit breaker or fuse box – it’s made up of a hot wire and a neutral one. This being said, 2 prong outlets are not grounded and this can cause the risk of electrical surges and even power outages. If you have non-grounded 2 prong outlets, you are at risk of electrocution or power surges.

Now, let’s talk about 3 prong outlets for a second. 3 prong outlets are made with an extra ground wire, making it a much safer option. This third prong gives energy surges somewhere to release to rather than into your body of blowing a fuse or circuit in your main breaker.

I Have 2 Prong Outlets in My Home. Should I Replace Them?

While this is a tricky question, it is a question that Mr. Electric gets often. You are allowed to replace a 2 prong outlet with a 3 prong outlet when there is no ground wiring in the current circuit. Meaning, if you need to replace a 2 prong outlet, you won’t be breaking any codes set by the National Electrical Code.

Upgrade Your Outlets Today!

If you have 2 prong outlets and you are thinking you want to replace them, so your outlets are up to code and protecting your family, call Mr. Electric today! We will ensure you and your family are safe from any electrical issues. We know how scary this must be to hear, but we want you to know it’s a very common thing that we can easily help you with.

Are you looking to upgrade your electrical outlets? Do you want to ensure your electrical outlets are up to code? If so, give Mr. Electric a call today to get qualified electricians!

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