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Nov 30, 2022

How to Get Electricity to A Kitchen Island

A kitchen island provides additional storage space for small kitchen appliances and gives you more counter space for food preparation. It can also serve as an informal dining area, a workspace, and a great place to host family meetings. A kitchen island needs the right power supply to accommodate a variety of different electrical needs and increase its functionality.

In this guide, we’ve put together some basic tips and ideas for getting electricity to a kitchen island. Below are some tips on how to make it happen.


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Make The Necessary Preparations

You’ll begin by preparing the area for new electrical wiring. Remove the kitchen island temporarily and drill holes through the floor and island. This will allow you to run the wiring through the floor and the island area with minimum exposure. Once you’ve secured the wires in the appropriate locations, put the island back into place.

Choose Your Electrical Outlet Style

Electrical outlets are an essential part of your kitchen island’s electrical wiring system. You’ll need to choose electrical outlets that fit your family’s unique needs. Some of the options you’ll want to consider include USB outlets, recessed outlets, and pop-up outlets. USB outlets are an ideal choice if you have a lot of devices to charge, while recessed outlets are recommended for those looking to achieve a seamless kitchen island look. Recessed outlets sit deeper in the outlet, so plugs and connectors won’t protrude out of the wall. Pop-out outlets are concealed underneath the surface of your kitchen island and offer a pretty seamless profile. As the name suggests, pop-out outlets will "pop out" when you press a button on the outlet. You can install one type of electrical outlets or multiple variations to suit your family’s needs and lifestyle.

Install a GFCI Circuit Breaker

A kitchen island needs GFCI outlet protection because it’s a moisture-prone area. GFCI outlets protect electrical wiring from overheating, thereby minimizing the risk of electrocution and electrical fires. When you are running electricity to a kitchen island, ensure you install a GFCI circuit breaker on the electrical panel and connect the GFCI outlet to the junction box. GFCI circuit breaker installation should be done by experienced electricians. As a do-it-yourselfer, you should never attempt to install a GFCI circuit breaker.

Need Help with Running Power Supply to A Kitchen Island? Call Mr. Electric Today

If you are looking to get electricity to your kitchen island or any other part of your kitchen, you may need help from knowledgeable and skillful electricians. At Mr. Electric, we can help you connect your kitchen island to the grid and make the necessary electrical upgrades in your kitchen. Running electricity to a kitchen island is not the kind of job you can handle by yourself if you are not an experienced electrician. Handling any kind of electrical work can be dangerous if you’re not a professional electrician. Make sure to call Mr. Electric for all of your electrical service needs and let us do the job for you.


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