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Dec 26, 2021

How to Find What Is Tripping My Circuit Breaker

Your circuit breaker panel is a crucial element in your electrical system, but it can be frustrating if faulty. If your circuit breaker is constantly tripping, then it might be time to call a certified electrician. Homeowners, business owners, and property managers in the Houston area can call Mr. Electric for quick, reliable, and affordable circuit breaker repair and circuit breaker replacement. Before you call for an electrician, however, read through this short article to troubleshoot the issue. It might be something you can resolve on your own. Otherwise, the representatives and electricians at Mr. Electric are ready to take your call.

What Is the Circuit Breaker Panel?

Let us begin with the fundamentals. What is the circuit breaker panel?


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The circuit breaker is an electrical safety device found in the electrical panel. This electrical panel can be found in the garage, laundry room, or a utility room in your building. It is usually a gray panel installed within the wall. Open the panel and you will find multiple circuit breakers, which look like switches.

Each circuit breaker is responsible for a specific electrical circuit in the building. Whenever there is unusual electrical activity in an electrical circuit, the respective circuit breaker "trips" off to cut the electricity supply to that circuit. Short circuits and power surges are common causes, but faulty wiring and other electrical issues can also trip the circuit breaker. Simply flipping the circuit breaker back on is usually enough to have you back on schedule. However, constantly tripping circuit breakers indicate a bigger problem.

Signs of Trouble

If you plug in a device or appliance and the lights begin to flicker or the electricity goes out, then it is time to investigate the circuit breaker panel. Many times, simply unplugging the extra device or appliance and flipping the circuit breaker back on is enough. If the circuit breaker trips off when you plug in the device or appliance again, then your circuit breaker panel might need to be upgraded. Mr. Electric does offer circuit breaker replacement in the Houston area.

If you notice a burning smell, smoke, or physical damage to the circuit breaker panel, then call Mr. Electric to have an electrician dispatched to your location as soon as possible. We do NOT recommend you get close to a circuit breaker panel in such a condition.

When Is It Time to Replace the Circuit Breaker?

A circuit breaker that is constantly tripping is an indication of an overburdened circuit. Either relocate some of the devices and appliances to another room, or circuit, or upgrade your circuit breaker. Other signs that show it is time for an electrical panel replacement is a burning, smoking, or damaged panel. We also recommend that you upgrade your unit if the electrical panel has fuses instead of circuit breakers. Fuse boxes can be costly in the long term and less safe than circuit breaker panels. Call Mr. Electric to consult with a representative and schedule a flexible appointment. We are ready when you are.


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