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Dec 26, 2018

How to Find a Trusted Electrician?

All electrical works must be handled by professional electricians, and the reason being that faulty electrical wiring, can result in constant electrical shocks, electrocution and fire accidents. If you need a trusted, certified electrician please contact Mr. Electric Of Katy. We do offer 100% guaranteed work, at budget-friendly prices. 

Ask around for recommendations in order to find a trusted electrician

You will be surprised that you can get recommendations for a trusted electrician from contractors, builders, and other professionals in other fields. This word of mouth technique may be old school, but it is highly reliable. 


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Discuss his area of expertise

If an electrician specializes in multiple fields, you may have to question the electrician about the field he is most reliable in. some specialize in electrical wiring in construction sites, some are more prolific in handling commercial or residential building electrical services. 

Request for a copy of the electrician’s license

Every electrician who handles electrical works must have a professional license. You can make use of a search tool or visit the appropriate licensing organization to confirm the license of the electrician. Mr. Electric Of Katy offers highly skilled and professionally licensed electricians that specialize in many areas. 

Verify the electrician’s insurance policy

Though some state or regions do not require that every electrician must carry an insurance policy, it pays if you hire an electrician who carries liability insurance, just in case there is an accident or major damage to your home, in the course of carrying out electrical services. we are pleased to inform you that all professional licensed electricians working for Mr. Electric Of Katy, are fully insured. Liability insurance will provide compensation to electricians in cases of accidents and will also compensate homeowners in cases of accidents. 

Obtain and verify references

You need to have references submitted by the electrician, contacted before hiring. Calling the electrician’s references will help you confirm the quality of electrical services rendered and ask if those referees are satisfied with such services. You need to ask if the electrical services were done in a timely manner. 

Check for likely complain against the electrical service provider

The potential electrician should not be the only one to be investigated or questioned before hiring. The electrical service provider that employed the electrician must be investigated also. You can check from the local Business Bureau, for a comprehensive list of credible electrical service providers in the region. 

Contact Mr. Electric Of Katy for your electrical services

As a reputable leader in electrical services, Mr. Electric Of Katy offers the finest certified, licensed and fully insured electricians in the nation. We do provide 100% guaranteed electrical repairs, installations, and replacements. We can also help you schedule your residential or commercial electrical system and components maintenance servicing to detect future faults on time and reduce drastically risks of electrical accidents, in order to safeguard your property. You need electrical inspection services whether you are moving into a new home or renovating an existing home. Contact us today and we will surely deliver beyond expectations. 


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