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Apr 13, 2020

How to Choose Light Bulbs

Do your light bulbs frequently burn out too quickly? Are you unsatisfied with the quality of your lighting? Then the problem could be the choice of bulb. Ensure that you’re getting the most from your lighting system by choosing a bulb that works best for your needs. At Mr. Electric, we provide quality residential and commercial electrical services for clients in Katy, Texas and surrounding metro Houston area neighborhoods. If you’re searching for bulbs that are effective, efficient and perfect for your unique needs, here are some helpful tips to help you reach your goal. 

Type of Bulb

First, determine which kind of light bulb you want to use. In the past, the choice was simple, because incandescent bulbs were the only option. Now, buyers have a variety of models available in the marketplace. While conventional incandescent bulbs are the most affordable initially, they consume more electricity than CFL and LED bulbs. CFL lights, also known as Compact Fluorescent bulbs, are much more energy efficient. However, they also contain small amounts of mercury, which makes some families nervous. LED lights are quickly becoming a popular option as well, since they contain zero hazardous substances, are durable, long lasting and extremely ecofriendly. While they cost more to purchase, LEDs also last up to six times longer than traditional lights, which makes them a better long term investment. Before making a purchase, make sure that your light fixtures are compatible with the desired bulbs. In some circumstances, such as older dimmable light systems, may not be equipped for LED lights. 


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Level of Brightness

Brightness is another important factor to consider when purchasing new bulbs. Incandescent bulbs have a typical range of 40 to 100 watts, whereas LED lights are measured somewhere between 2700 and 5000 Kelvins. Bulbs in the lower range will have a darker hue, while those in the higher range will offer more light. 

Location of the Light Fixture 

The location of your light fixtures will have an impact on which bulbs to use, since different rooms serve various purposes. Bright lights are popular for places like the home office or above the kitchen island, where reading, writing and detailed focus is often required. On the other hand, subtle lighting may be more desirable in the dining area or living room, where people want to relax. Dimmable lights or LED mood lighting are a common way to provide flexibility for lighting for different occasions. 

Do You Need a Lighting Installation, Bulb Replacement or Light Fixture Repair? Call Us 

Are you concerned that your lighting problems are caused by wiring issues? Is it time to upgrade your outdated light fixtures? Then call the experts at Mr. Electric today. Our certified and insured electricians in Houston are ready to lend a hand. We will work one on one to help you find a customized solution to fit your needs, lifestyle and budget. If a repair or replacement is necessary, our team will thoroughly inspect, diagnose and fix the problem fast, so you can get back on track in no time. Contact our office for more information about our wide variety of residential and commercial services or to schedule an appointment with a licensed electrician in Katy, Texas or a nearby Houston area community. 


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