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Jun 22, 2020

How Much Electricity Does a Stove Use?

Are you seeing a rise in your monthly utility costs? Did you notice that a few electric bills went up following a holiday feast or large family gathering? Then you might be wondering what kind of role your electric stove plays in your household’s overall energy consumption. At Mr. Electric, we provide high quality commercial and residential electrical services for homeowners and businesses in the Katy and Houston, Texas area. We enjoy helping our local customers find ways to improve the safety and efficiency of their electrical system, and we want to have the same success. Here is some helpful information that can help you save more over time. 

How Much Energy Does an Electric Stove Require? 

The average electric cooktop requires between 2,000 and 5,000 watts of electricity. The actual amount of energy used can fluctuate depending on the size of the burner, the number of burners in use, simultaneous use of the oven, and the length of time needed to complete your culinary masterpiece. This translates to an estimated $30 to $75 per year, based on a variety of factors. Compared to other common appliances, a quality electric range burner consumes about the same number of watts per hour as a refrigerator or hair dryer. Most stove ranges use twice as much energy per hour as a desktop computer but far less than an HVAC system, clothes dryer or water heater. 


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Energy Saving Tips 

Thankfully, there are a few ways that homeowners can do to limit their stove’s energy consumption. The first tip is to try and cook more food, while operating the stove less frequently. If you are going to use the stove, consider cooking multiple dishes at the same time. You can also choose glass or ceramic cookware, which often retain more heat than metal alternatives. High tech household’s may want to go even further and replace their older stove range with Energy Star rated models or even smart appliances. These advanced units offer incredible features and settings that can maximize energy efficiency and make meal preparation more convenient. 

Why Dedicated Circuits Help Property Owners Save More Long Term 

Another way to save more money is to ensure that your stove, oven and other major appliances are plugged into a dedicated circuit. Many homeowners are unaware of how much both large and small power surges can damage their appliances over time. Dedicated circuits, coupled with whole house surge protection, can ensure the safety and longevity of your most expensive investments. 

Are You Looking for More Ways to Improve Your Energy Efficiency? Get Help from Mr. Electric 

Have you considered investing in a dedicated circuit installation, whole house surge protection, smart stove installation or electric range replacement? Then call the experts at Mr. Electric today. Our team of certified, licensed and insured electricians in Houston are always ready to help our clients reach their goals. Contact our friendly, knowledgeable staff for more information about our commercial and residential services, or to schedule a time to meet with an experienced electrician in Katy, Rosenberg, Spring, Tomball, Cypress, Houston, Texas or a nearby metro area neighborhood. 



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