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Dec 05, 2018

How Can I Tell If My Office Wiring Is a Fire Hazard?

Fire hazards can be extremely dangerous for your business. Between 2007 and 2011, it was recorded that there were roughly 3340 fire accidents nationwide with lots of data lost by offices. It is important that you upgrade to a reliable electrical system for your office, and fortunately, Mr. Electric Of Katy will inspect your office electrical wiring and proffer solutions and upgrades to help reduce risks of office wiring fire hazards. 

Is your office wiring a fire hazard?

There are some signs you should watch out for in order to prevent fire hazards from wreaking havoc on your commercial activities;


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Old wiring perhaps is the number one cause of fire accidents, in commercial premises, especially when the wiring is in buildings older than 40 years. 

Breakers that trip frequently should also be considered as a sign of faulty or weak office wiring. Breakers are designed to prevent circuits from being overloaded but when the same fuse keeps blowing continuously, then the circuit has become overloaded. Contact us at Mr. Electric Of Katy to fix this problem reliably. 

Melted, scorched, smoking or hot electrical outlets are signs of incorrect wiring because sockets are not supposed to be uncomfortable too hot to handle. Overloaded outlets usually lead to melted, scorched, smoking or too hot electrical outlets and you need to contact a professionally certified electrician to get this fixed before it is too late. 

Flickering or dimming lights are signs of an overloaded circuit, especially when larger appliances are wired to the same to the same circuit with your light. Flickering and dimming lights are an indication that your office requires an emergency attention from a certified electrician. 

Buzzing lights must be taken seriously in your office. The office light switches and outlets may be wrongly installed, and the office owners may not know about such errors. If you notice a buzzing sound from your switches or outlets, please contact Mr. Electric Of Katy and we will dispatch our licensed professional electrician to inspect and provide an adequate solution. 

Rodent infestation and damage can also constitute office fire hazards. Common office rodents such as rats can chew through the insulation of electrical wires thus exposing humans to electrical shocks and the office itself will be exposed to fire accidents. 

When you should schedule an electrical inspection of your office 

The ideal time to schedule an electrical inspection for your office wiring system is now, postponing such inspection will only end up increasing your risks of fire hazards. Once the inspection is completed, the certified electrician will inform you of the faults, and the necessary upgrades that must be carried out to avert fire accidents in the present moment and the future. Mr. Electric Of Katy will help your business keep up with modern standards and codes in electrical safety and that is why you should trust us with your office electrical repair, replacement, and installation needs. We take care of all the necessary electrical work permits and we offer a guaranty on our electrical system upgrade services. 


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