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May 15, 2022

GFCI Outlet Won’t Reset: What You Can Do and What You Shouldn’t Do

We use electricity in almost every part of our lives. It has been a requirement to live a normal life. However, with the comfort of this use comes a lot of problems. Most likely, you’ve seen one of these problems when you couldn’t use the electricity although one of your devices was plugged in. This isn’t because there is a problem with your device, but rather the GFCI outlet isn’t working. Throughout this article, we will go through some of the uses of GFCI outlets and ways that Mr. Electric can help

What is a GFCI Outlet?

First of all, we have to know what his outlet is and its functions. A GFCI outlet is an outlet that has a built-in breaker that shuts down when it detects something like a shut or ground fault. This is to prevent any potential fire because if left unnoticed, the shutoff or ground fault can spark a fire that might catch the whole house. It is a requirement to have GFCI outlets in certain places in your house like the kitchen and bathrooms. These outlets are mostly safe and reliable; however, there are cases in which these outlets do fail to work. That’s why there is usually a test and reset button in the outlets, to see if it properly works or not.


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The Hardest Challenge

Our biggest problem is locating the problem. To see this there are many things involved. You must first check every room and every outlet to see if the problem is just in one outlet that is tripped, or if it is multiple. If there are devices already plugged in, unplug them to see if the reset button pops back up. Check the breaker panel to see if there are any tripped breakers. Knowing how a room is wired allows you to directly go to the points that need to be checked in a house. If any outlets seem tripped, press the reset button to see if they will fit. If it doesn’t, do it multiple times. If it still doesn’t, that means there is a problem that needs to be checked by a professional electrician. Worst case scenario, you may need an electrical outlet replacement.

Don’t Risk It

Don’t try to ignore it because there will be work that needs to be done. If ignored, there may be other problems that are also ignored. Electricity is really important to a house because about 51,000 electrical fires occur in homes each year because of electricity. Don’t risk it for the biscuit. Give us a call today to learn more about your issue and go further into the ways we can help.

Mr. Electric, the Savior

At Mr. Electric, we have fully focused our goals on providing a more safe and reliable service to you. We try to provide our best for the least amount of money. With our services, any risks related to your health will be gone. Our dedication, professional electricians, and modern equipment get the job done in no time. Call us today to learn more about us or obtain general information about the functions of GFCI outlets! Allow us to provide a more safe place for you.


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