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May 30, 2021

Energy Efficiency Tips for the Summer

With the summertime right around the corner, it is time to say goodbye to the radiators and hello to the air conditioner. One thing is constant though and that is your desire to keep energy costs low. Your friends at Mr. Electric are here to help. We have put together this quick article on energy efficiency tips for the summer. This way, you can stay cool without the stress of spiking energy bills. If you have any specific questions or concerns, or if you would like to hire an electrician for some energy efficiency upgrades, then call Mr. Electric to get in touch with a live representative.

Check Up on The Air Conditioner

It has probably been a long time since you fired up that bad boy, so expect some rust – literally and metaphorically. Regular maintenance will keep your air conditioner functioning optimally while neglect can waste unnecessary energy. Check the coils, fins, evaporative cooler, and heat pump, for example. Further, vacuum the air vents to remove dust and debris buildup. Finally, replace clogged and dirty air filters with new ones.


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Supplement the Air Conditioner with Fans

Ceiling fans and fans in general are wonderful supplements to air conditioners. They do not produce cold air, but they do create air flow which gives you fresh air and a wind chill effect. In fact, some estimate that using a ceiling fan along with the air conditioner allows you to set the thermostat about four degrees higher with no reduction in comfort.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Every degree of extra cooling can increase your energy usage by around six percent, so set your thermostat as high as comfortably possible. This temperature is usually about 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, lowering the thermostat is not going to speed up cooling. Instead, it is likely going to waste more energy. You should also avoid placing lamps, TV sets, computers, or any heat-producing appliances near the thermostat as it will sense the heat from these appliances and run the air conditioner longer than necessary.

Close the Blinds and Drapes

The summer sun can create a greenhouse effect in your house, especially through southern- and western-facing windows. Invest in quality drapes and blinds that will repel the sun’s heat without sacrificing much of its light. The north-facing windows are okay as they produce very little unwanted summer heat.

Regulate Your Water Usage

You have probably gotten accustomed to taking warm or hot showers and washing dishes with hot water. Resisting the urge to use hot water is going to take some time but beating the habit will save on energy costs. Plus, cold or lukewarm showers and baths are much more bearable in the summer months.

Call Mr. Electric

If you witness your energy bills spiking and cannot figure out the root cause, then call Mr. Electric to schedule a local electrician for electrical inspection. We can evaluate your home’s energy efficiency and fix any issues relating to energy inefficiencies. Our live representatives are available around the clock so do not hesitate to call at any time. We are ready when you are.



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