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Oct 03, 2022

Electrical Safety Tips During Storms

A storm can cause a variety of electrical safety hazards. Everything from power surges resulting from lighting to flood water and downed power lines can cause devastating electrical hazards.

The following tips from Mr. Electric will help you avoid electrical dangers during storms.


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Install a whole house power surge protector

Power surges are a common occurrence during storms because power lines and poles are vulnerable to lightning strikes. The best way to protect your home against power surges is to have an experienced electrician install a whole-home surge protector. Without a surge protector, the excess voltage can damage your appliances and electronics. A whole-house surge protector is hard-wired into your home’s electrical panel and serves to divert excess voltage into the ground whenever there’s a power surge.

Some of the benefits of whole house surge protection include:

  • Electrical fire prevention
  • Prevents damage to appliances and devices
  • Protects your entire electrical system
  • Protects your home’s technology

If you need help with power surge protector installation in your home, get in touch with Mr. Electric. We have access to superior-quality surge protection devices, and our electricians have extensive experience in the installation of surge protection systems in a wide range of properties.

Unplug corded electrical devices

Avoid using anything connected to an electrical outlet during a storm. If lighting strikes, a massive surge of electricity could travel through the wires and cause serious injury. Although surge protectors can reduce the risk, they cannot eliminate the danger completely. To be safe, unplug all corded electrical devices until the storm passes.

Have a pre-storm electrical safety plan

Having a pre-storm electrical safety plan will help you minimize the risk of electrical safety hazards during and after a storm. You should hire a reliable electrician to help you create an electrical safety checklist. An electrical safety plan will help you prevent electrical dangers during storms, improve electrical efficiency, and save you money in the long run.

Stay out of water during storms

Water is an excellent conductor of electricity, so being in contact with water during a storm can be dangerous. It’s advisable to avoid all water-related activities until at least 30 minutes after the storm has ended. Stay out of the shower and avoid doing laundry or washing dishes until the storm is over.

If your home has experienced flooding, turn off the power at the electrical panel if it’s safe to do so, and keep the power off until an electrician has inspected your home for safety. Flood water can damage electrical appliances in your home, so it’s advisable to call an electrician to inspect your appliances and determine what should be replaced. You should also call in a water damage company to begin the restoration process if your home has experienced flooding.

Contact Mr. Electric for Electrical Service

Electrical work should be handled by knowledgeable and experienced electricians. When you are in need of electrical installation, electrical repairs, or electrical maintenance services, you can trust Mr. Electric to provide you with reliable services.


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