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Sep 04, 2022

Electrical Safety for Kids

While you are focused on fending off outside threats, there could be serious risks for your children right there in your home. Electricity is an essential for modern living, but it can also be incredibly dangerous. In this brief article brought to you by Mr. Electric of Katy & Houston, we will review some ways you can reduce these risks and protect your children. If you would like an experienced electrician to come by and inspect your electrical system or make an electrical repair, then grab your phone and call Mr. Electric. Our live representatives and dedicated electricians are on standby to take your call today.

Outlets and Plugs

Electrical outlets pose the most common and direct threat. Children are notorious for sticking objects into electrical outlets or sockets. Tamper-resistant receptacles can help. They require equal pressure in each outlet opening for the electricity to run. We are not a fan of other options like plastic caps because they can create choking and fire hazards. There’s not much point in replacing one hazard with two more.


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While on the topic of outlets, let’s talk about plugs. You should not let children plug in or unplug anything without permission or supervision. They should learn to never yank on the cord to unplug things. Finally, avoid plugging in too many appliances or devices into a single outlet.

Of course, you should repair any damaged outlets and repair or replace any exposed wires or broken cords. Mr. Electric is just one call away for residents in Katy & Houston.


Many appliances and kitchen devices are a lot more dangerous than we might actively realize. There are terrible stories of children getting into washing machines and dryers, leading to serious injuries or fatalities. Unplug these when not in use and close off the area when they are in use, being mindful of where your children are during these times.

If your children are at the age of using some of these appliances, then clearly warn them that they should NOT use any appliances when wet or near water. Keep electric space heaters away from flammable items such as curtains, bedsheets, laundry, etc.

Electric Safety Outdoors

There are electrical safety considerations when you are outdoors too. Here are some quick reminders to review with your children:

  • Do NOT climb utility poles
  • Do NOT play with or toss anything at power lines or utility poles
  • Do NOT hang signs on utility poles
  • Do NOT go near a downed power line
  • Do NOT go swimming during a storm, especially if you hear thunder or see lightning
  • Do NOT enter a pool if the pool light is flickering

Need an Electrician? Call Mr. Electric

If you ever notice burn marks or smoke coming from an outlet or electrical panel, or if you notice exposed electrical wires, then call for an electrical repair as soon as possible. Mr. Electric of Katy & Houston is proud to offer emergency repair services, so give us a call whenever you need an electrician in Katy & Houston.


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