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  Apr 27 2020

Electrical Issues That Could Make or Break Your Home Sale

Do you plan on selling your home soon? Many homeowners focus on updating the design of their property to improve potential value, however it’s important that you also consider the condition of your current electrical system. Most savvy home buyers understand the risks involved with purchasing a property with old or dysfunctional wiring and circuits. In many cases, attempting to sell a home with an electrical system that isn’t code compliant can compromise your ability to put the property on the market, and could even make you vulnerable to legal issues. At Mr. Electric, we proudly offer quality residential and commercial services for clients in Katy and Houston, Texas area communities. Here are some of the most common electrical problems that could determine the success of your home sale. 

Unsafe Circuit Breaker Panel 

Before purchasing a new home, most people will want to see the condition of the electrical panel box. If you have bulb style panels, a recalled Federal Pacific panel, unlabeled circuits or signs of damage, then it could cause buyers to run to a competing property. 

Old Wiring

Does your historic home still have the original knob and tube wiring? Is your older house currently using aluminum wires for your electrical system? These are both red flags to inspectors and knowledgeable home buyers since they are known for causing fires. You will need to upgrade the wiring as soon as possible to avoid the risk of personal injury and property damage. 

Ungrounded Electrical Outlets 

Even buyers with very little experience with electricity will likely notice the presence of two-pronged outlets. Not only will this make many of their devices incompatible with the outlet plugs, but most will know that their expensive electronics and appliances are at risk of damage. Make sure your outlets are properly grounded before attempting to sell the property. 


Modern homes are required to have GFCI, or ground-fault circuit interrupter, outlets in areas that are susceptible to excess moisture. These outlets can be easily recognized by the presence of a reset button on the face of the outlet cover. If your bathrooms, basement, laundry room, garage or kitchen are without these important safety outlets, then buyers will likely suspect that your electrical system is outdated and potentially dangerous. 

Lack of Outlets 

Today’s families are largely dependent on technology. This means that the new homeowners will need plenty of space to plug in their favorite devices. If the rooms lack the necessary number of outlets, then they might see this as an additional expense and choose another property in the neighborhood. 

Do You Need to Invest in Electrical Upgrades for Your Katy, TX Area Home? Call Mr. Electric 

Are you concerned about the quality of your electrical system? Get your home’s power back under control fast with help from the experts at Mr. Electric. Our certified, licensed and insured electricians are ready to help you reach your goals. We offer a variety of commercial and residential services for local property owners including electrical inspections, wiring upgrades, new circuit installations, electrical panel box replacement and more. Contact our office for more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced electrician in Houston, Texas or a nearby metro Houston area neighborhood. 

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