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Jul 09, 2021

Do You Need an Exhaust Fan?

When many people think of a fan, they often picture one that blows air toward a target area. The inverse, where the fan blows air away from a target area, is just as useful though. While a ceiling fan, for example, circulates air within a room, an exhaust fan ejects air from a room. As you can guess, exhaust fans are especially common in bathrooms, but there are many other parts of your home or business that could benefit from an exhaust fan installation. If you are interested in an exhaust fan, then let the folks at Mr. Electric help you with the electrical work. Our qualified electricians are on standby for your call.

The Benefits of an Exhaust Fan

Exhaust fans have many benefits considering its simple design. Just by effusing air out of a room, it can moderate heat, humidity, odors, and pollutants:


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  • High levels of humidity in a room promote the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. Moisture can also damage drywall, hardwood, and even concrete.
  • The smell of mom’s homemade apple pie is great, but the eyewatering aroma of onions or cough-inducing fumes of burned food can be torture for your senses.
  • They say you are what you eat, but we say you are what you breath. Smoke, chemicals, and other contaminants can pollute the confined area in a room and lead to health issues.

An exhaust fan is an excellent and discrete solution to these common inconveniences and threats. Even better, there are a number of areas where an exhaust fan can be put to use and improve the quality of your life.

Where to Install an Exhaust Fan

Reading through the benefits of an exhaust fan probably gave you an idea of the wide variety of locations where these fans can be installed, but let’s break it down:

  • Bathroom: Unpleasant odors and moisture are common in bathrooms, making this the most common location for an exhaust fan.
  • Kitchen: Range hoods are the go-to for kitchens but many models only “filter” and re-introduce air rather than exhausting it. That greasy, smoky, or steamy air can present itself in the form of stains on surfaces.
  • Laundry: Your washing machine and dryer generate a ton of moisture and heat. If not exhausted, that air can drive up energy bills especially in the summer.
  • Basement: An exhaust fan can eliminate the notorious dampness and musty odors of a basement, making it more tolerable for general use.
  • Garage: Dust, chemical fumes, and volatile organic compounds make garages surprisingly dangerous locations. Usually opening the garage door is enough, but an exhaust fan can be a great supplement.

Don’t Exhaust Yourself

If you are looking to install an exhaust fan, then we recommend you hire trained technicians. The risks of DIY installations are just too costly if you are not trained or equipped. Plus, Mr. Electric is always ready to take your call. Give us a ring any time to speak with a live representative. We are ready when you are.  



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