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Jan 08, 2019

Do I need an Attic Fan?

Temperatures are higher during the summer seasons, but you should allow such to increase your bills too significantly. You can rely on functional attic ventilators, you can save more on energy. Please contact the certified and versatile electricians at Mr. Electric Of Katy to help you choose the right and most functional attic ventilators. 

What duty does the attic ventilator perform? 

The attic ventilator is also referred to as the attic fan, and it ensures proper evacuation of hot air accumulating during the day in the attic while drawing cooler air from the outside. It facilitates the removal of trapped air from the outside and ensures that the temperature within the attic is the same or almost the same as the temperature outside. When air is stagnant the sunshine hitting the roof heats up the air in the attic, it is, therefore, important to evacuate this trapped air in order to save energy and money on cooling. 


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What different types of attic fans are available?

The roof-top and the 120-watt gable fans are the two types of attic fans available today. The root-top fan draws air through the roof of the attic and directs it inside to cool off the attic. The gable fan has a system that blows air into the attic and a second fan that blows hot air out of the attic. The gable fan is more economical because it is powered by solar cells and both gable openings will allow fresh air from the outside. The gable fan will turn off when sunshine subsides or goes. You may want to speak to a certified electrician to help you make informed choices on the most suitable type of attic fan, based on your location, and budget. You may also want to schedule maintenance servicing to ensure optimal delivery of the attic fan. 

Are there any benefits for homeowners who install an attic ventilator?

One of the main benefits of having an attic ventilator in your attic, especially in the summer is that you can cool your attic area without spending too much on power. Solar power options of the common attic fans will even offer you much bigger savings on energy because you wouldn’t pay for electricity used in powering your fan. Making use of the natural sunlight to power your attic fan in order to cool the attic is a great opportunity for homeowners to save money on cooling. Mr. Electric Of Katy has helped many homeowners to choose the right attic fan to cool their attics, you should be the next beneficiary of such services. 

Additional tips and recommendations on attic fans

All types of homes will surely benefit from attic ventilation fans, regardless of whether you choose the gable, solar or rooftop fan. If you are budget-conscious, it is important that you speak to a professional electrician from Mr. Electric Of Katy who can supply you with budget-friendly attic fans that will save you money on energy and they are durable enough to last for a very long time. 


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