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Jun 12, 2022

Do Ceiling Fans Lower Your Energy Bills?

A topic discussed through the years, do ceiling fans lower the energy bills? Well, yes but only if used right. Throughout this article, we will be going over the main ways that ceiling fans can help lower your energy costs and how Mr. Electric can help make it even lower.

Functions of Ceiling Fan

There are many uses for ceiling fans. In the summer, it is nice to have it to blow cold air after a long hot day. In winters, it provides air circulation that warms up the house. So, in addition to providing air circulation, ceiling fans provide relief and comfort to your home.


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Using AC Proportionally

While ceiling fans can help with lowering the cost of energy, misuse can lead to even greater costs. To eliminate this risk, you must raise the thermostat while the ceiling fan is on. This leaves you with air circulation that allows you to feel the way you want with the AC not even working. Call us today to learn more about the major tips that will help you lower the cost of energy.

The Perfect AC Supplement

Did you know that many ACs don't blow cold/hot air, instead, it pulls the air you don’t want and leaves you with the one you want. So, how is a ceiling fan related to this? Well, having a cold area on one part of the room and a warm area on the other isn't convenient. To fix this problem, ceiling fans provide a circulation of air that allows the AC to provide the temperature you wish in every part of the room.

Ceiling Fans During Winters

Did you also know that ceiling fans can be useful for winters? During winters, many of us look for a warm cozy place. But how is a ceiling fan related? Ceiling fans have a switch that allows the blades to go in reverse. This reverse movement brings all the cooler air in the bottom of the room to the top and the top which was warm air brings’ to the bottom. So, there is a replacement of air temperatures in areas of your house.

Want to Have A Ceiling Fans Installed

If you are willing to have ceiling fan installation or an upgrade, be sure to consider these factors: be sure to place the fan in a place that is the most commonly used and turn the fan off when no one uses it anymore. For those of you who are worried about the price of the power that the ceiling fans use, don’t. While an AC uses around 36 cents per hour, a ceiling fan uses around 1-5 cents per hour.

Mr. Electric, the Gentleman Savior

At Mr. Electric, our priority is providing a service to you that leaves you with satisfaction. With our modern equipment, strong dedication, professional electricians, and affordable price plans, there’s no excuse left for you. Call us today to learn more about us and our services.


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