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Nov 10, 2018

Creative Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Do you know that your existing interior can be complemented with an extra touch of luxury using simple lighting fixtures to brighten unusual spaces?

Therefore, regardless of how expensive and stylish your homes’ décor is, you need the installation of unique lighting fixtures that will match your personality and showcase the beauty of your home.


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That does not mean you should break the bank before your interior lighting could create a refreshing space for guests and members of your family.

What you need is to check out the creative lighting ideas shared by expert lighting technicians from Mr. Electric Of Katy – they are versatile and easily adaptable to any home.

Let your interior lighting be unique

At Mr. Electric Of Katy, we believe that the interior lighting should be natural to give the homeowner peace and confidence. So, you need to adopt a natural themed light feature that will inspire the beauty of your home. Subtle lighting is required, and wooden installations in combination with wall lights, and well-placed task lamps will create natural warmth and that’s the perfect choice.

You can also experiment with different designs of natural-themed wooden installation, but if you consult an expert from Mr. Electric Of Katy, we can help you determine the internal brightness levels to suit your use of space.

Highlight unique features in your home

Give an instant contemporary feel to your living room by illuminating unusual spaces with different designs of colored lights. Changeable led lighting is affordable to use; they will help showcase beautiful interior features like favorite furnishing, artworks, stones and other aesthetic features of the room.

Install spiral chandelier to illuminate the dining room; you can also create dramatic effects at nights by installing different lighting designs on the staircase – they make it spectacular and attractive.

Use dimmer switches to create dramatic effects

Make a big difference your homes lighting appeal by installing dimmer switches. They help you control your lighting as well as saving energy. When the lights are dimmed, it uses less wattage as well as creates the right mood in your living room.

Install adaptable lights in your kitchen island

Installing pendant lights in the kitchen islands is simply the meeting point of classic and contemporary lighting. Pendants are recommended in the kitchen because it’s a stylish addition that is more adaptable to space.

However, you need to install sleek and bright pendants in the kitchen for safety while cooking and doing other house chores.

Outdoor lighting

Illuminating the outdoors should not be neglected because they are critical to ensuring the safety and security of lives and property. We can help you with the following:

Low voltage landscape lighting installation

With the installation of low voltage landscape lighting, you can improve your security as well as safety around entryways, stairs, and pathways. We can install pot lights, rail lights, pendants and other fixtures that will portray the beauty of your premises.

Call Mr. Electric Of Katy to ensure that every lighting installation, repair or replacement is done with modern standards of wiring and safety. We will give you expert advice and suggest unique styles, fixtures, and shades that will suit your purpose.


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