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Mar 27, 2019

Child Electrical Injury Prevention

Electricity has made life a lot easier but it comes with serious dangers too. Most child-related electrical accidents occur when adults don’t pay attention to them. Mr. Electric Of Katy offers some tips and ideas on how to prevent electrical injuries on children. 

Batteries and Christmas trees

Many children are hospitalized annually for swallowing smaller batteries, it is therefore important for adults to store batteries in locked cabinets and children must be monitored when playing with toys that rely on batteries. 


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Similarly, lots of children are also hospitalized while playing with Christmas trees cords. You may want to put a small furniture or baby gate in front of Christmas trees to prevent danger. Avoid leaving the Christmas tree plugged when you are not at home. 

Cords and Electrical Sockets

When cords are not kept out of reach, small children can pull some heavy appliances over them. Use cord ties and command hooks to keep such electrical cords out of reach. 

Get socket covers to cover up all exposed sockets to prevent kids from inserting objects inside. Make sure the socket covers are difficult to pull out by kids, and you may want to contact Mr. Electric Of Katy to check any faulty electrical installation that may cause fire accidents.

Hair appliances, Irons and plugs

Devices such as curling irons, straighteners and blow dryers can start fires or burns on children. Young children using these devices must be trained properly to avoid burns. These appliances must be switched off, unplugged and kept in their packages when unused. 

Never leave pressing Iron unattended as it may cause burns and other safety hazards in children. Do not leave your computers, and smartphones plugged in, toddlers may easily put the ends of the cords in their mouth and get electrocuted in the process. 

Ovens and Other hot kitchen appliances

Don’t allow underage children to use the oven and any other hot appliance in the kitchen. Never leave the door of the oven opened to prevent children from toying with it. 

Install a Smoke Alarm

In case of fire accidents, the smoke alarm should be your first reliable warning. Make sure the batteries are constantly changed (at least once in a year) and make sure you teach your children to be familiar with alarms and how to get to safety. Perhaps you should consider having a drill or alarm test with your family after installation. 

Older kids must be taught the proper etiquette of plugging and unplugging appliances safely. Make sure a single power strip is used per outlet, to prevent an overheating of electrical outlets. Make sure all flammable products, including clothes and furniture, are kept away from electrical outlets since they present serious fire hazards. Make sure you keep all electrical appliances away from water.

Children are not the only one at risk of electrical accidents, you may have to conduct an audit of your electrical installations to ensure maximum safety. Please schedule electrician from Mr. Electric Of Katy to inspect the safety of your electrical systems and appliances. 


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