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  Oct 26 2020

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in The Woodlands

Electric cars provide a lot of great rewards for their owners. They are environmentally friendly, economical and are now available in a range of attractive models. While millions of drivers around the world have begun to embrace electric vehicles, some are still reluctant because they are not sure how charging their car will fit into their daily schedule. Some choose to purchase an electric car but are unhappy with the long charge times because they have neglected to invest in an electric vehicle charging station installation. At Mr. Electric, we provide high quality residential and commercial electrical services for local clients including EVSE charger replacement, electric vehicle charging station repairs and new car charger installation in The Woodlands, Texas and surrounding Houston and Katy area neighborhoods. Have you been looking online for “car charger installers near me”? If so, then you have come to the right place. Our certified electricians are always ready to help you achieve your goals. Discuss your needs one on one and find out how a professional car charger installer in The Woodlands can help you manage your new electric vehicle. 

What Is an Electric Vehicle Charging Station? 

Electric vehicle charging station equipment will help you safely supply electricity to your car battery, without risking damage to your new investment or your existing electrical system. Not only does it help to better regulate the electrical current and protect your vehicle from powerful surges, but it will also significantly speed up the amount of time required for a full charge. 

What Are the Benefits of Investing in an EV Charging Station Installation in The Woodlands? 

Most electric vehicles will come with a basic car charger that is designed to plug directly into a normal outlet. In an attempt to safe cash, some new electric car drivers will forego an electric vehicle charging station installation and choose to use the minimum standard charger. They are often disappointed to find that these devices require a charge time of 24 hours or more. For most busy drivers, this will render their new car impractical for daily use. If you want to make your new electric car your primary means of transportation, then an electric charging station is essential. A quality charging station can fully charge your car in a fraction of the time, in as little as 4 hours, depending on the model that is installed. Our team will help you find a solution that best fits your unique needs, lifestyle and budget.

Car Charger Installers in The Woodlands, TX

We Also Offer 24 Hour Emergency EVSE Charger Replacement and Repair Services 

In addition to car charger installation in The Woodlands, our licensed electricians also offer 24 hour emergency electric vehicle charging station repairs and replacement. Call our crew anytime, day or night, and we will send someone to the rescue right away. 

Have You Been Searching the Internet for “Car Charger Installers Near Me”? Call Mr. Electric Today 

If you are looking for an experienced car charger installer in The Woodlands, then call the experts at Mr. Electric. Our certified, licensed and insured electricians are ready to perform your next electric vehicle charging station installation, EV charger station repair or EVSE charger replacement. Contact our office for more information about our commercial and residential electrical services or to schedule an appointment for your EV charging station installation in The Woodlands or a nearby Katy or Houston, Texas area community. 

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