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Sep 28, 2022

Can You Charge an Electric Car With Solar Panels?

Electric vehicles have improved the global initiative of reducing carbon emissions. However, it is normal for people who own electric cars to consider solar as an alternative power source. If you are among the many who want to reduce their carbon footprint before installing electric panels at home, make sure they can charge your car. Mr. Electric has extensive expertise and industry knowledge, so you can access all the pertinent information before deciding.

Our EVSE installers leverage state-of-the-art technology that allows you to charge your electric car with solar panels. Before hiring an electrician to install solar panels on the roof of the garage or your home, you need to ensure it is worth the expense and effort.


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Can Solar Power Charge an Electric Vehicle (EV)?

How realistic is it to consider solar power for your EV? Solar power is not just a renewable source of energy but an effective alternative to charging your electric car. Our experienced EVSE installers can ensure you don’t have to worry about a high utility bill. We provide electrical panels integrated with the right technology to support EV charging. This allows you to remain faithful to environment conservation and clean energy rather than opting for gas vehicles.

The grid-sourced energy in most homes comes from fossil fuels like natural gas and coal, but solar energy is 100% clean energy. If you are looking for a reliable power source to charge your electric car and keep your utility bills low, it may be time to consult a professional electrician. Leverage our industry knowledge to learn about the benefits of solar power and how it can improve efficiency without breaking the bank.

Charging Electric Cars at Home

Are you contemplating switching to solar energy? If so, you know solar panels don’t store power. Without a solar battery installed along with the solar array correctly by a licensed electrician, you risk losing all the unused energy to your electrical utility.

Professional EVSE installers will ensure a home battery is installed to store and collect the energy converted by the solar array. When the sun goes down, you can use the stored energy to charge your electric car or power your home. Most EV owners charge their vehicles in the evening, making them a suitable addition to your solar panel.

Another crucial factor to consider is the size of your car’s battery, which determines the number of solar panels needed. A conventional solar panel setup requires about 20 to 30 meetings to power your home and charge your car. Consult an electrician for advice before purchasing solar panels, ensuring you choose the right size and number for your power needs.

The last thing any homeowner wants is to experience power shortages, especially with all the electrical appliances in the house. Please schedule an appointment with our EVSE installers and enjoy exceptional services at competitive market rates. When you are ready to upgrade your home and EV, contact us at Mr. Electric.


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