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Jan 22, 2022

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting for Your Home

Outdoor lighting is not only about illuminating the area. The benefits of a professional landscape lighting installation extend further than simply lighting the yard. It can increase the value of your property, reduce the cost of property insurance, improve physical safety, and reduce the risk of crime on your lot. If you are interested in installing outdoor lighting on your property, then give Mr. Electric of Houston a call to hear about our services. We are happy to give you a free price estimate upfront and have an electrician in Atascocita dispatched to your location to get started on planning as soon as possible.

Increase the Price of Your Property

If you have spent time and money on improving your landscape, then you understand the value of curb appeal. After all, prospective homebuyers will first see the exterior of your home, and first impressions matter. Professional outdoor lighting will shed light on the better features of your home, such as particular architecture and landscaping. In this sense, you can consider installing outdoor lighting as an investment.


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Enjoy Your Outdoor Time Longer

Why should you move the party inside when the sun sets? If you are having a barbeque or get-together with friends and family, then keep the fun going through the night with outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting is also great for nighttime romantic events.

Improve Physical Safety

Bringing in groceries or even walking up the driveway or walkway can prove challenging in the dark. It can even be dangerous as there is the risk of tripping on obstacles. The risk is greater for elderly household members as well as children. Keep yourself, your household, and guests safe with outdoor lighting around the driveway, walkway, and front door.

Reduce the Risk of Crime

For criminals, the fear of getting caught is the next worst thing after getting caught. There are studies, like the one involving New York’s public housing area, that showed outdoor lighting cut crime by a whopping 39 percent! It makes sense. Motion sensing lights can activate when an uninvited guest steps on your lot. This should startle them and send them packing. Protect your property from thieves, intruders, and other criminals with outdoor lighting.

Lower Property Insurance Premiums

Property insurance companies charge you monthly premiums to take on the risk of damage to your property. Usually, the lower that risk, the lower the premium. The reduced risk of crimes and injuries thanks to outdoor lighting can translate into lower property insurance costs for you, the homeowner. Of course, this discount will vary from insurance provider to insurance provider.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Are you interested in a landscape lighting installation? The folks at Mr. Electric of Houston are ready to help with the planning and the execution. Call Mr. Electric today to consult with a representative, get your free price estimate, and schedule a flexible appointment today. Our live representatives and dedicated electricians are always happy to take your call and even arrange an urgent dispatch. We look forward to speaking with you.


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