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Feb 27, 2022

Benefits of Energy Efficient Lighting

Not every tenant or homeowner would look at lighting as the most important component in the home. However, in our subconsciousness, lighting is very crucial because it totally changes the way one looks at home. It can change the mood and the ambiance as well as show a room smaller or larger than it looks. People tend to avoid certain types of lights while feeling more comfortable in others. Because of this, the effect and importance of lighting are known by every conscious and good homeowner. Besides knowing the value of proper lighting, a good and responsible homeowner would know the importance of energy-efficient lighting, for it reduces the electricity bills and is eco-friendly.

Importance of Energy-Efficient Lighting

New technologies have made proper lighting and energy-efficient lighting available at the same time for homes and businesses. Did you know that in 2017, lighting accounted for around 7% of total electricity use in the United States? To save money and help the environment, people need to use more energy-efficient lighting for their homes and businesses. New energy-efficient technologies have many pros. Besides reducing the costs and being environment-friendly, they tend to have longer lifespans compared to conventional lighting, they have better characteristics in terms of color, output and decreases the glare (which has been a major problem for years in workplaces), they don’t fail easily, and by this also decrease the maintenance cost. 


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LED Lights & CFL Fixtures

In terms of technologies that make these available, two big types of high-efficiency options are LED Lights & CFL Fixtures. LED lights are the result of many studies conducted by scientists for highly efficient bulbs. It has been proved that they produce less carbon than conventional bulbs. This is important because one other negative feature of traditional bulbs is the carbon dioxide emissions that they cause. Because of this, reducing carbon levels might help with slowing down global warming. In addition to this, LED bulbs use less electricity and therefore reducing the costs. They have very long lifespans and are very stable along with producing very high-quality light. There are also CFL fixtures that are like fluorescent lighting but with many benefits. They are about 4 times more energy-efficient than standard fluorescent lighting and their lifespan is almost 10 times more. Many people notice the major change in their electricity bills soon after they started using CFL. Although LED bulbs are probably better options, CFLs are great compared to traditional lighting techniques.

Reliable Lighting Installation

If you are living in Katy or Houston area and are interested in saving money, time, effort, and want to help the environment, you should know that Mr. Electric is your address. Our great electricians are ready to perform lighting installation and replacement for both indoors and outdoors in Houston. You are in reliable hands, leave your lighting to us and enjoy the pretty view of your house and lower amounts of electrical bills. Call us today for trustworthy light installation! 


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