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Dec 23, 2019

Are There Fire Dangers Hidden in Your Walls?

Every year, thousands of properties across the US fall victim to fire damage, and electrical systems are the third leading cause of such tragedies. For this reason, it’s important for home and business owners to maintain the security and integrity of their properties by reducing electrical hazards. Unfortunately, many property owners aren’t sure where to start. At Mr. Electric of Katy, we proudly provide high quality residential and commercial electrical services in Katy, Texas and surrounding metro Houston area communities. We strive to help our clients achieve a safe, reliable and efficient electrical system, and we want you to have the same great results. Here are some of the most common hidden electrical fire dangers, and what you can do to prevent disaster. 

Common Hidden Electrical Hazards

There are many electrical issues that can lead to risk of fire. Aluminum wiring is one of the most dangerous. Aluminum became a popular alternative to copper in the 1960’s and ‘70’s, but homeowners quickly discovered that their wiring was prone to overheating. For this reason, the use of aluminum wiring was discontinued in residential and commercial construction. However, properties that were built during this era need to be carefully inspected. If aluminum wiring is found, it’s vital that you replace it with a safe material as soon as possible. Outdated wiring can also be an issue, regardless of the quality of the materials used. As the metal ages, corrosion and damage will eventually occur, and can put your home or business at risk of fire. Arc faults are another frequent hazard. Arc faults occur when an electrical current changes its path. This can happen in a variety of situations, but it frequently occurs when someone unknowingly damages wiring while decorating or performing a home improvement task. Since an arc can reach temperatures of up to 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, such an event can start a fire and injure those nearby. 


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Electrical Upgrades That Can Reduce Your Risk of Fire

Thankfully, most of these hidden electrical hazards can be quickly remedied with simple upgrades. Arc faults can be prevented by installing an arc-fault circuit interrupter or AFCI, which will sense sudden changes in the electrical current and can shut off a circuit before overheating occurs. In addition, aluminum or outdated wiring can be replaced quickly and effectively by a licensed electrician in Houston

What to Do if You Notice an Electrical Fire

Always put the safety of yourself and loved ones first in any situation involving a fire. If the fire is large, or appears to be spreading, then leave the property immediately and call 911. If you notice a small fire when it begins, a fire extinguisher may stop the flames. Be sure to purchase fire extinguishers with a rating designed for use with electrical equipment and combustibles. Never use water to douse the flames of an electrical fire, as electrocution and severe injury may result. Once you are sure that the danger has passed, contact a certified electrician who can thoroughly inspect your system and diagnose the exact cause of your trouble. 

Are You Concerned About Your Electrical System’s Safety? Call Mr. Electric of Katy

Do you need a professional electrical inspection, wiring upgrade or AFCI installation? Then call the experts at Mr. Electric of Katy today. Our certified and insured electricians are ready to help make your home or business safe and secure. Contact our office to learn more or to schedule your next appointment. 


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