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  May 1 2022

How to Set Up Your Smart Home’s Foundation for Success

A smart house is one that features a smart home system that links to your appliances to automate certain chores and can be controlled remotely. With a smart home system, you can program your sprinklers, monitor your home security system and cameras, and control appliances and lighting of your house.

How To Make Your Home A Smart One?

Before deciding, make sure that you are familiarized with the smart systems and smart home gadgets that you can choose from. Determine exactly what you want and need from the smart home system and focus on those areas first. After you prioritize, choosing the smart home system and the gadgets will be much easier. There’s no point in spending your money on appliances or gadgets that you won’t even use. Therefore, make sure to do your research properly. However, we can guide you on some of the important points. 

  1. Good Wi-Fi- For your smart gadgets to interact and function efficiently across your home, an efficient and strong Wi-Fi connection is a must. A good network will be essential for your system and your devices to communicate and work with each other. 
  2. Smart Hub- The smart hub is where your smart home system's dashboard is located. It is true that you can control some gadgets with your phone. However, a smart hub will be a more extensive and reliable option. There may be a problem with your phone that will stop your usage of the smart home for a certain amount of time. However, if you have an alternative like a smart hub, you will not be worrying about that. You will have lots of options when it comes to determining which smart hub system is best for your needs. At this point, getting a professional opinion would be the best thing to do. 

Features You May Want

  1. Control the lighting- Remotely controlling lighting is a very useful and convenient function that can help save energy and add a level of security. Think about it, if you are able to control your lights when you are away from home, intruders will assume you are home, and your house will be more secure. 
  2. Control the climate- Nowadays, your smart home hub or smartphone can regulate your heating, cooling, and ventilation. This will be another feature that is very useful when you are away from home. If you leave your home, you probably won’t want to leave the A/C at the normal temperature you use to save energy and money. However, you also wouldn’t want your house to attract microorganisms or pests because of the uncirculated air. With this feature, you can control the climate of your home the way you want at any time of the day. 
  3. Security- Smart home security systems include high-quality video and smart locks that allow you to lock and unlock your doors from virtually anywhere using your phone. Doorbell cameras are also great options. Some doorbell cameras will even allow you to talk with the person.

We Can Help with Smart Home Systems

Of course, there are many other features you may want to include in your smart home system, but we tried to mention a few very convenient and useful features to include in your system. It’s a fact that smart home systems make our lives easier by allowing us to manage and run our everyday devices in a more comfortable manner. Although the convenience smart home systems bring to us is immense, laying the groundwork for our smart home system might be difficult. That is why professional electricians from Mr. Electric will be more than happy to help you with your smart home setup. All you should do is call us. 

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  • How to Find a Trusted Electrician?

    All electrical works must be handled by professional electricians, and the reason being that faulty electrical wiring, can result in constant electrical shocks, electrocution and fire accidents. If you need a trusted, certified electrician please contact Mr. Electric Of Katy. We do offer 100% guaranteed work, at budget-friendly prices. 

  • Home Safety During the Holidays

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